How To Draw Hello Kitty

Quickdraw's art art teaches you how to draw Hello Kitty step by step. This easy to follow video tutorial and set of instructions walks you through all the important points so that drawing Hello Kitty is fun and rewarding. Ideal for kids aged 5+, and beginners. Don't forget to follow Quickdraw on YouTube for more cartoon character art and colouring in ideas.

Art materials needed:

A plain sketchpad to draw on, a sharp pencil to draw with, an eraser to rub out messy lines, a black marker pen to go over pencil lines, and a bunch of colouring pencils or felt tip pens to add a splash of colour!

  • Kon'nichiwa guys and guys. And welcome back to Quickdraw! Today we will be drawing the iconic Japanese cartoon character Hello Kitty. Ready..? Let’s go. 

    Grab a sharp pencil, a black marker pen and don’t forget your coloured felt pens. 

    First, we’re going to draw just the head of Hello Kitty and we do that by starting with a wide, slightly flat circle. It doesn’t need to be perfect! 

    A line down the middle and another from left to right, two thirds of the way down  are useful for marking out the facial features. Draw a small circle where those lines cross. This will be the nose.

    At the base of our Hello Kitty’s head draw a single line for it to rest on. 

    Now two tiny circles to the left and right of the nose.

  • On to the kitty paws - one left and one right.

    Time to give Hello Kitty a pair of fluffy ears. Nice soft curves at the side of the head. 

    How about some whiskers? Three should do it. Right in the centre.

  • And last of all, Kitty’s bow. Start with a circle below the right ear. And add two balloons either side. Think of a sweet wrapper, which looks very similar to a bow worn in the hair. 

  • One Hello Kitty face is complete. Purrr-fect! Now fetch the black marker pen and draw over those outlines. Smooth and steady. 

    Once the black ink is dry grab your eraser and gently rub out any pencil lines you can see on the page.

  • Let’s add some fun colours to our drawing. Hello Kitty’s face is white but her bow is usually red. And her short button nose is a tint of yellow. 

    If you want to make your drawing look more bright and illuminated then why not shade a border around Hello Kitty’s face with a pink, orange or blue. It’s simple, like this. 

    Sometimes it’s the small details that really brings a piece of art to life. 

    Hey guys, here’s some cool trivia for you whilst you’re inking those lines… According to official top secret Hello Kitty sources, Kitty’s height is five apples and she weighs three apples. She also has a pet cat, called Charmmy Kitty. Some of you fans may have even known that already! 

    Looking good guys, now if you want to try drawing Hello Kitty’s full body keep watching - we’ll do that next.

  • For the body, draw a curved shape, kinda like an upside down cereal bowl or semi circle. 

    From the bottom edges of this shape continue the curved lines down and join them up. This is where we’ll draw the feet. 

    Now for one arm, short and wide, giving us a friendly wave. Whilst the other arm lies by the side of the body. 

    Ok we’re done - excellent work guys!

  • Grab that black marker again and, well, you know what to do. 

    If you’ve already drawn the head by all means, finish up with the body. 

    How about some more fun Hello Kitty facts? 

    Did you know that the artist who first drew Hello Kitty said that Hello Kitty has no mouth because she couldn't design one that she was happy with. The current artist says there is no mouth because Hello Kitty speaks from her heart. It has also been said that her expressionless face allows people to project their own emotions onto her face. Wow! 

    Another interesting thing about our feline friend is she appears in cartoons, comics, video games, music, and even her own feature film. Now that is what you call a cartoon celebrity! 

    Time for another scrub with the eraser. Goodbye pencil lines!

  • For colours, we can use a shade of red for the bow in the hair. A nice blue for the outer layer of clothing across the body. And a cute red as the layer of clothing underneath. 

    That should do it. 

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