How To Draw The Batman Symbol

Learn how to sketch and colour in the Bat Symbol, also known as Batman's logo, in three simple steps. Drawing the iconic badge of Gotham's greatest crime-fighting superhero is easy to do - just follow the video tutorial and guide below!

What you will need...

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Black marker pen
  • Black and yellow coloured pens
  • How to draw the Bat Symbol step 1

    Ok so, Batman’s logo is a silhouette of a bat in an oval shaped badge. We’ll start off by sketching out the oval with a pencil, nice and light. 

    Ovals are wider than circles, so stretch out those sides! 

    We need to find the centrepoint so we can draw the bat in proportion to the oval. Add some guidelines like this if you want. 

    Starting from the top… your batman logo should look symmetrical, which means the left or right side is a mirror image of the other. 

  • How to draw the Bat Symbol step 2

    Draw out two horseshoe shapes either side of the vertical guideline. 

    Then join them up with a curvy line… it should look a bit like the letter W. 

  • How to draw the Bat Symbol step 3

    From below, two diagonal lines that join up, like a sharp bird’s beak. 

    To the left and right, draw a semi circle shape. 

    Haha, is this a grumpy face or a beetle insect?! 

  • How to draw the Bat Symbol step 4

    Two more semi circles that almost touch the bottom of the oval’s border - readjust the pencil lines if you need to. 

    And then we join up the top and bottom lines to create the Bat Symbol. 

  • How to draw the Bat Symbol step 5

    Now that we have completed the main part of our drawing, we can fix up the oval border so that there is a small gap all the way around. 

    Make it nice and thick. 

    Get rid of any pencil lines that look untidy - use a pencil eraser if you have one. 

    Woohoo, on to step two! 

  • How to draw the Bat Symbol step 6

    This part of the drawing tutorial is very simple… all we need is a black felt tip pen or marker pen. 

    We will be shading in the main shape in the middle and the border around it. 

    Now here is a cool fact for all you comic book and DC fans out there…

    The Batman logo or Bat Symbol as it’s otherwise known as, is a symbol of hope. In the Batman cartoons and movies, Gotham’s police department shines out this bright flare in the sky to tell Batman that he is needed to fight crime. It is a beacon for safety and hope in one of Gotham's darkest moments. You will also see it marked on his chest on his costume too. 

    Hey, looking good. On to the final part now. 

  • How to draw the Bat Symbol step 7

    Take out a yellow colouring pencil or felt tip pen and shade in the space between the bat silhouette and the border of the logo. 

    Or you can simply leave this space white, if you are happy with how your drawing looks. 

    Well done on illustrating and colouring in a cartoon superhero logo, and hopefully you will share this artwork with your friends and art teacher at school. 

    Don’t forget to check out more superhero and crime-fighting drawing ideas with Qucikdraw on YouTube. 

    Thanks for watching guys, see you next time!