Educational websites your children will love

Educational websites your children will love

We get it - you want fun, interactive, and most importantly, educational experiences for your kids. That’s why we’ve done the digging for you! In this guide, we’ve rounded up 13 fantastic online platforms, each carefully selected to make learning engaging and effective. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching and hello to enriching your child’s learning journey effortlessly. Let’s explore these online wonders together!



What is it? Naratopia is a creative online platform that offers interactive storytelling experiences for children, allowing them to explore imaginative worlds and engage with captivating narratives.

Why Parents Will Love It: Parents appreciate Naratopia for its innovative approach to storytelling. It not only encourages reading but also fosters creativity and critical thinking in children. The immersive narratives enhance language skills while sparking the imagination, making learning an enjoyable adventure.


What is it? ABCmouse is an interactive early learning academy for kids aged 2-8, offering a wide range of educational activities, including reading exercises and interactive books.

Why Parents Will Love It: Parents appreciate ABCmouse for its comprehensive curriculum that helps children develop essential reading skills through engaging games and age-appropriate content.


What is it? Starfall is an educational platform focused on phonics-based reading activities and interactive games, designed to enhance children's reading abilities.

Why Parents Will Love It: Parents value Starfall for its emphasis on phonics, providing a strong foundation for reading. The interactive approach keeps kids engaged while learning vital reading skills.

PBS Kids

What is it? PBS Kids offers a diverse range of educational games, videos, and activities based on popular PBS shows, promoting learning in various subjects, including reading and writing.

Why Parents Will Love It: Parents love PBS Kids for its educational content that fosters creativity and critical thinking. It encourages literacy through entertaining, age-appropriate materials.

Storyline Online

What is it? Storyline Online features renowned actors reading children's books aloud, offering an immersive storytelling experience to enhance children's reading comprehension.

Why Parents Will Love It: Parents appreciate Storyline Online as it makes reading enjoyable and captivating for children. The engaging narrations by actors help improve listening and reading skills.


What is it? Funbrain provides interactive games, books, and videos covering various subjects, including reading and math, tailored for kids in Pre-K through 8th grade.

Why Parents Will Love It: Parents find Funbrain valuable for its educational games that reinforce reading and math skills. The diverse content keeps kids entertained while learning.


What is it? Storynory offers free audio stories for children, featuring a wide range of tales, fairy stories, and myths, enhancing children's listening and reading comprehension.

Why Parents Will Love It: Parents admire Storynory for its vast collection of stories, promoting literacy through audio. It aids in expanding vocabulary and imagination while being accessible and free.

Oxford Owl

What is it? Oxford Owl provides free e-books for children, catering to various reading levels, making it an excellent resource for parents supporting their child's reading journey.

Why Parents Will Love It: Parents appreciate Oxford Owl for its extensive collection of e-books, offering diverse reading materials that align with their child's proficiency. It supports individualized learning and reading progress.

BBC Bitesize

What is it? BBC Bitesize offers interactive lessons, videos, and games covering multiple subjects, including English, catering to different age groups and promoting reading and writing skills.

Why Parents Will Love It: Parents value BBC Bitesize for its engaging content that reinforces English skills. It provides interactive learning experiences that aid in reading and writing development.

National Geographic Kids

What is it? National Geographic Kids offers educational games, videos, and articles about animals, science, history, and geography, encouraging children to explore and learn.

Why Parents Will Love It: Parents love National Geographic Kids for its informative and visually appealing content. It sparks curiosity about the world, enhancing reading skills through engaging, educational materials.


What is it? ReadWriteThink offers free reading and language arts resources, including interactive tools and lessons, supporting children's reading and writing skills.

Why Parents Will Love It: Parents appreciate ReadWriteThink for its valuable resources that enhance both reading and writing abilities. It provides interactive tools that aid in literacy development and creative expression.

Into the Book

What is it? Into the Book focuses on teaching eight research-based reading comprehension strategies through interactive activities and videos, supporting children's reading comprehension skills.

Why Parents Will Love It: Parents value Into the Book for its targeted approach to reading comprehension. It provides practical strategies, enhancing children's ability to understand and engage with texts effectively.


What is it? Epic offers a digital library with thousands of children's books, fostering a love for reading through diverse and captivating stories.

Why Parents Will Love It: Parents find Epic valuable for its extensive collection of books that cater to various interests and reading levels. It promotes a love for reading and offers a wide array of literary choices for children.

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