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Creative Acrylics Workshop

Art Discipline: Acrylic Painting

Discover the world of acrylic painting at our Creative Acrylics Workshop. Explore techniques to express your creativity on canvas. Our classes, suitable for all skill levels, provide a supportive environment to experiment with colour, texture, and composition.

15 Northern Quarter, Manchester, M4 1ES

Figure Drawing Studio

Figure Drawing

Sharpen your figure drawing skills in our studio. Study anatomy, proportions, and gesture while working from live models. Whether you're a beginner or experienced artist, our sessions offer a focused environment to hone your observational and artistic abilities.

42 Art Avenue, Manchester, M3 2FH

Watercolour Landscapes Workshop

Watercolor Painting

Explore the beauty of watercolour landscapes in this workshop. Learn techniques to capture the essence of nature, from skies to rolling hills. Our classes cater to painters of all levels, guiding you through colour mixing, washes, and brushwork.

20 Meadow Lane, Manchester, M8 7JH

Urban Sketching Meetup

Urban Sketching

Join our Urban Sketching Meetup to capture the urban environment with your sketchbook and pen. Explore cityscapes, architecture, and street scenes while practicing quick sketching and on-location drawing. All skill levels are welcome to join our creative gatherings.

Various locations in Manchester

Oil Painting Masterclass

Oil Painting

Dive into the world of oil painting in our masterclass. Learn classical techniques and modern approaches to create rich and luminous artworks. Whether you're new to oils or seeking to refine your skills, our classes provide step-by-step guidance.

8 Artisan Lane, Manchester, M1 5SD

Charcoal Portraits Workshop

Charcoal Drawing

Discover the expressive world of charcoal portraits in this workshop. Explore techniques to capture mood, form, and texture. Our classes cater to artists at all levels, offering insights into shading, blending, and creating lifelike portraits.

30 Creative Street, Manchester, M6 2RE

Abstract Painting Studio

Abstract Painting

Unleash your creativity with abstract painting in our studio. Experiment with colour, form, and texture to create non-representational artworks that convey emotion and energy. Our classes provide a supportive space for artists to explore their artistic instincts.

18 Modern Avenue, Manchester, M9 8QW

Still Life Drawing Course

Still Life Drawing

Join our Still Life Drawing Course to refine your drawing skills. Learn to observe and render everyday objects with accuracy and depth. Whether you're a novice or experienced artist, our course guides you through composition, shading, and proportions.

25 Art Hub, Manchester, M12 4GH

Plein Air Painting Workshop

Plein Air Painting

Immerse yourself in outdoor painting with our Plein Air Workshop. Capture the beauty of nature and urban scenes on location. Learn to work quickly while capturing light, atmosphere, and color. All levels of painters are welcome to join our artistic adventures.

Various outdoor locations in Manchester

Pastel Portraits Class

Pastel Drawing

Dive into the world of pastel portraits in our class. Explore the soft and vibrant qualities of pastels while creating expressive and detailed portraits. Our classes cater to artists of all levels, offering techniques in layering, blending, and capturing likeness.

12 Art Avenue, Manchester, M4 3RD

Contemporary Landscape Painting

Contemporary Landscape Painting

Explore contemporary approaches to landscape painting in our class. Experiment with color, texture, and abstraction while interpreting natural scenery. Whether you're a beginner or experienced painter, our classes encourage personal expression and artistic growth.

6 Canvas Lane, Manchester, M7 1QW

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