How To Draw Emojis & Symbols

Make a masterpiece from the fun and outrageous emojis and symbols you use every day on your smartphone. Drawing emoji characters is a skill you can pick up easily with our instructional guides at Quickdraw. With so many to choose from, where do you begin?!

  • Poop emoji

    It would be rude NOT to draw this little emoji guy... give it a try.

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  • Unicorn emoji

    Such a beautiful, magical animal emoji. Use plenty of rainbow-coloured pens.

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  • Cute emoji faces

    A face for every reaction! Recreate these hilarous emojis with pen and paper.

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  • Superman logo

    Draw Clark Kent's alter ego logo, the Superman Shield step by step.

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  • Wonder Woman logo

    Create your very own Wonder Woman logo drawing easily... follow this tutorial.

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  • Punisher logo

    If you love Marvel then why not try drawing this cool Punisher skull logo.

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  • Bat Symbol

    Drawing Batman's logo is simple... follow this step by step guide online.

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  • Transformers logo

    Want to learn how to draw an Autobot? Grab your pen and pencils!

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More drawing ideas right here...

We will continue to add more emoji and symbol drawing tutorials to this page so always check back to see which new logos, icons and emoji characters you can draw and colour in. In the meantime, our main drawing ideas page contains over 150 tutorials - which should keep you busy! - just select a category from the main menu.

Helpfyl tips and advice

How do I learn to draw emojis?

Quickdraw makes learning to sketch emoji cartoons a breeze, and one of the most simple and enjoyable art lessons for kids around. Each drawing idea is explained with a YouTube video and instructions, step by step. With practice you can become a fabulous artist and draw emojis like an expert!

What art materials do I need?

Drawing emoji cartoons is easy when you have the right art supplies. You will need a pencil, an eraser, a black marker pen and some colours - felt tips or coloured pencils. There is plenty more information about each of these art materials and stationery in the Quickdraw blog.

What are some popular emojis to draw?

Oh boy, where do we start?! How about the poop emoji, that's a super fun emoji to try. And then there's the unicorn emoji, and don't forget the cute emioji faces each with their own facial expression. Drawing emojis is quick and simple, but tons of fun.

Who are these drawing ideas suitable for?

Anyone who wants to try their hand (pun intended!) at illustration is more than welcome to follow these emoji illustration ideas. Quickdraw's art guides are very straightforward and intended for children aged 5 and above, but if you are new to sketching and colouring in then this is also a great learning experience for you too.

What types of symbols can I draw?

Drawing symbols is a quick and easy way to recreate the badges and icons that some of the most famous businesses, people and objects are known by. Symbols can be anything from sqiggly lines like doodles, to more detailed drawings using shapes like the Transformers Autobot face, or even parts of words.

Can I learn how to draw logos?

Yes, of course! A logo is very similar to a symbol because it its the visual badge that someone or something is known by. Quickdraw will teach you how to sketch and colour them in. You can choose from ordinary logos that you see on TV and on clothes, and even logos from Superheros like Superman or The Punisher.