How To Draw Cartoon Animals

Learn the simple and easy way to master drawing animals in a cartoon style. Quickdraw's tutorials are ideal art projects for any one at a beginner skill level who wants to learn to draw step by step. Click on an image below to view the full drawing guide and YouTube video, or have a browse at more cartoon ideas to draw, like food and drink, emojis and buildings.

  • Puppy dog

    Learn how to draw this cute canine character easily.

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  • Baby dragon

    Are you brave enough to draw a fire-breathing dragon..?

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  • Sausage dog

    Learn how to sketch this little sausage pooch.

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  • T-Rex

    Watch out... T-Rex is here. Learn how to draw him with pen and pencil.

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  • Triceratops

    Why not try..... a triceratops step-by-step cartoon drawing !

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  • Reindeer

    Learn to draw Rudolph and his big, red reindeer nose.

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  • Panda bears

    Pick up a pencil and sketch a cute panda bear, or three!

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  • The Easter Bunny

    Drawing the Easter Bunny is easy. Give it a try today.

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  • Butterfly

    My oh my, can you draw a butterfly? It's easier than you think.

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  • Baby lamb

    Ahhhh... a little baby lamb. Add this to your drawing collection.

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  • Christmas Teddy bear

    This Christmas, make Teddy part of your art collection.

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All it takes is three simple steps!

Sketching your very own cartoon animal illustration is quick and fun for guys and girls of all drawing capabilities. Quickdraw's process starts with drawing with pencil... then inking in with marker pen... and finally colouring in with felt tips or coloured pencils.

If you have any questions about drawing your favourite animal in a cartoon style use the Chat button below or send in an email and Quickdraw will get back to you asap!

Drawing Animals FAQ's

What types of animals can I learn to draw?

The possibilities are endless! But let's start with the easy things to draw first, and that's usually domestic animals and pets like cats and dogs because they have simple shapes and minimal details. Other types of animal illustrations you can do are farm animals and wild animals, which may be more challenging, but even more rewarding! Then there are super cool drawings like dinosaurs and mythical creatures you can try in your sketchbook.

What art materials will I need?

There's not much to it really. To draw the basic outline of your animal you will need a pencil or a black marker. Maybe an eraser to but out the pencil lines. A set of coloured pencils or felt tip pens to shade in your art matsterpiece... and don't forget your art sketchbook! Quickdraw has built a list of places you can buy art kits and stationery from - check it out!

Are the instructions in blog format or video?

Quickdraw gives you the option to follow these drawing ideas step by step on as well as in video, which streams directly from the Quickdraw YouTube channel. We know that sometimes it's easier to read tips on drawing one line at a time, but you may prefer a video with a voiceover also. You decide!

Will learning how to draw animals be easy?

The main purpose of thease Quickdraw guides is to show you how to have fun when drawing animals. That's why each art tutorial You don't need to be a perfect artist to follow them. The more often you try then better at drawing you will become. So, they may not seem that easy at first, but stick at it and you will have mastered drawing animals in no time!

What is the most drawn animal?

That's a tough one! One answer is probably going to be a dog, because they are man's best friend and so many families own a pet dog at home - we are around them all the time and take photos of them as well as drawing them - from puppies, to sausage dogs, to even cartoon characters like Bluey.

How do you draw a funny animal?

Some animals are just naturally funny to look at because of their unique shapes, colours and body parts. A good example of this might be a panda bear - they are as cute as they are funny! You can also learn to draw funny animals by using big eyes, and a wide smile so that they look like they are laughing and having a fun time.

Can I learn how to draw dogs?

Drawing cartoon dogs is one of the fundamental lessons for boys, girls and beginners who are interested in art. Because we keep dogs and cute puppies as pets and watch them on TV, we recognise their range of character and expressions they have. And with Quickdraw's drawing exercises you can capture that when creating your own artwork. From fetching a stick, to sitting in a kennel or chasing its tail, each dog drawing idea at Quickdraw helps you perfect this skill in the same way: start with a line drawing; then use a marker pen; before colouring in your artwork. It's a simple process that you will enjoy!

What about learning to draw bears?

Cartoon bears have a special place in our hearts because they are so fondly present in children's picture books and fairytales. And there are many types of bears to draw too - even famous characters from TV and movies. But drawing a regular bear from scratch is easy with Quickdraw's step by step guides. Whether it's pandas or a Teddy, you can learn at your own pace and check your progress against our tips and suggestions.

Is there dinosaur drawing ideas to copy?

Your dinosaur artwork will be a roaaaaaing success in no time with Quickdraw's cartoon drawing guides and tutorials - suitable for boys and girls aged 5+, as well as beginner level artists. Want to try a triceratops, or test your T-Rex drawing capabilities? We've got you covered from start to finish. Step 1 is sketching. Step 2 is inking. Step 3 is colouring. It's that simple!