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Edinburgh Art Studio

Painting and Drawing

Unleash your creativity at Edinburgh Art Studio. Elevate your painting and drawing skills through expert guidance and a nurturing environment. Embrace artistic expression with fellow enthusiasts.

15 Brushstroke Avenue, Edinburgh, EH1 4RT

Urban Watercolours Workshops

Urban Watercolour Painting

Immerse yourself in the city's vibrant scenes with Urban Watercolours Workshops. Explore urban watercolour techniques, capturing the energy and charm of Edinburgh's streets.

30 Cityscape Lane, Edinburgh, EH2 5CD

Figurative Sketching Collective

Figurative Sketching

Elevate your figurative drawing skills with the Figurative Sketching Collective. Capture the human form's nuances and expressions in a supportive creative community.

18 Anatomy Road, Edinburgh, EH3 7XY

Edinburgh Acrylic Expressions

Acrylic Painting

Discover vibrant acrylic expression at Edinburgh Acrylic Expressions. Create captivating artworks, exploring the versatile nature of acrylic paints in your creative journey.

22 Colorful Crescent, Edinburgh, EH4 6AB

Landscape Oil Painting Retreats

Landscape Oil Painting

Enrich your artistic senses with Landscape Oil Painting Retreats. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, capturing landscapes with the elegance of oil paints.

8 Tranquil Terrace, Edinburgh, EH5 9FG

Edinburgh Life Drawing Studio

Life Drawing

Experience the essence of life drawing at Edinburgh Life Drawing Studio. Sharpen your observation skills while studying the human form in various poses.

10 Anatomy Road, Edinburgh, EH6 3AZ

Edinburgh Watercolour Landscapes

Watercolour Painting

Dive into serene watercolor landscapes with Edinburgh Watercolor Landscapes. Learn techniques to capture the tranquil beauty of nature in vibrant watercolours.

7 Scenic Street, Edinburgh, EH7 8QP

Edinburgh Charcoal Expressions

Charcoal Drawing

Express with bold charcoal strokes at Edinburgh Charcoal Expressions. Develop dramatic artworks that evoke emotion through the power of charcoal.

12 Shades Lane, Edinburgh, EH8 6RT

Modern Abstract Art Classes

Abstract Painting

Explore the realm of modern abstract art at Edinburgh Abstract Art Classes. Experiment with non-representational forms, expressing your unique vision on canvas.

6 Contemporary Court, Edinburgh, EH9 5BU

Edinburgh Botanical Illustrations

Botanical Illustration

Embark on a journey of intricate botanical illustrations in Edinburgh. Master the art of capturing delicate plant details, creating enchanting nature-inspired artwork.

25 Garden Lane, Edinburgh, EH10 7YZ

Painting classes for kids

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