Easy Drawing Ideas

Welcome to Quickdraw's how-to-draw video library where we invite you to join us in drawing and colouring in some fantastic pieces of artwork. Our drawing ideas are not just for kids, but beginners too. You can find detailed instructions and photos on the website and also the original videos, hosted on our YouTube channel. Get stuck in!

  • Animals

    From cute puppy dogs to fire-breathing dragons, learn how to draw them all with Quickdraw!

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  • Food & Drink

    Mmmmm... yummy food! Find out how to draw your favourite eats, drinks and snacks.

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  • Cartoon Characters

    Quickdraw teaches you how to draw a bunch of fun characters from books and televsion.

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  • Objects

    There are tons of ideas here for you to explore... check out the full list from Quickdraw.

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  • Emojis & Symbols

    Stuck for art ideas? We even have some emojis for you to try. Click below to explore them all.

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  • Places & Buildings

    From desert islands, to landmarks, to wacky homes made from ice... learn how to draw them all!

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  • Bears

    Bears galore, here for you to draw. Pick a panda, polar, or koala or more!

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  • Dogs

    Every time you draw a dog, somewhere in the world a puppy smiles!

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  • Superheros

    Quickdraw to the rescue! Learn how to draw your favourite characters and more.

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  • Gingerbread man drawing

    Christmas Stuff

    Get in the festive mood with these fun Christmas drawing ideas.

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Drawing inspiration for everybody

"Mum, what should I draw?" We've all heard that question more than once. At Quickdraw, there are heaps of great ideas swimming around that you can take inspiration from to create your very own piece of awesome artwork. Our collection of online art guides and YouTube channel will keep the little ones busy for hours on end. Learning to draw isn't just about unleashing your miniature Monet, but having bags of fun too! Check out the drawing ideas above or search local art class for your children in our directory.

  • For boys...

    Check out the really cool drawing ideas for boys at Quickdraw. From dinosaurs to snowmen, to castles... you can learn step by step today!

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  • For girls...

    Draw and colour in your favourite cartoon characters, animals and objects for girls easily, step by step. Start drawing today! 

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  • Adults...

    Anyone who wants to take up sketching, regardless of their ability, can learn from scratch with Quickdraw's guides. Test yourself today!

  • For preschoolers...

    Teach your early school pupils the basics of drawing and colouring, whilst having a fun time. Ideas include dogs, and cats, and animals. 

  • School age 4-11...

    For kids that are learning more about drawing, painting, sketching and colouring in primary school lessons, and developing these skills. 

  • For teenagers...

    There are plenty of drawing and colouring in ideas for teens to choose from, which are a great way to relieve stress and channel art skills.

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