Drawing Ideas for Boys

Boys' drawing ideas are the perfect way to channel their creative spirit and teach them the findamentals of pencil and pens on paper. With Quickdraw's free drawing guides there will be no end to how skilled they can become. Choose from the cartoon illustrations below to get started and watch the magic unfold. Each idea comes with its own YouTube video and subtitles.

Easy drawing ideas for boys

These drawing exercises are simple and take only a few minutes to complete. They are much better suited to younger boys who are learning to draw or not too confident with a using pencil. But of course, boys and girls of any age are welcome to give them a try!

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Cool drawing ideas for boys

These drawing tutorials are ideal for kids who are already beginning to understand the rules of drawing, and may be familiar with sketching and colouring in art class at school. There is no age restrictions, but they will take a little longer to complete than the easier versions above. It's all great fun and valuable practise though!

  • T-Rex

    Watch out... T-Rex is here. Learn how to draw him with pen and pencil.

    Start drawing! 
  • Triceratops

    Why not try..... a triceratops step-by-step cartoon drawing !

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  • Lego Batman drawing

    Lego Batman

    Be an art hero and draw Lwgo Batman with pens and a pencil.

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  • Igloo

    Make an incredible igloo cartoon, fit for a penguin!

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  • Superman logo

    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Superman's logo!

    Start drawing! 
  • Transformers logo

    It's the Autobot face - draw your very own version today.

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  • Race car

    Vroom, vroom, it's time to draw and colour a fast race car.

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  • Tractor

    How about drawing a giant countryside farmer's tractor?

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  • Digger truck

    Dig out your pencils and let's sketch this cool truck!

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Helpful questions and answers

What superhero characters can boys learn to draw?

With a little help from Quickdraw's step by step drawing guides you can start practicing your art skills by drawing superheroes and villains from Marvel and DC. Check back in regularly to see updates on the Quickdraw website with tutorials for drawing Lego Batman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, the Hulk and many more of your favourite TV and movie characters.

What about male sports stars and heroes?

Anything is possible when you have a keen eye and a willingness to practice drawing. Quickdraw will teach you how to sketch and colour in the biggest, and most famous men and women from the world of sport. From the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, to Harry Kane, to Usain Bolt.

What about drawing things that boys find funny?

There is plenty of that to go around - just make sure your parents approve of you drawing things that you and your friends find funny, but your teacher may not! For example, how about learning to draw the poop emoji? It's easy with Quickdraw's step by step guide.

Can I draw cars and trains that boys like?

Of course, some of the best things to draw for boys are the noisiest and fastest vehicles on the road (and in the sky). Quickdraw's guides will help you sketch your very own cars of all kinds, trains, race cars, power boats, aeroplanes, and even tractors... it doesn't get much louder than that!

How can I help my son draw better?

Here are a few short tips to help your son improve their drawing skills and create fantastic piece art: 1) Always be open to watching your son draw or seeing their finished artwork to offer support and encouragement 2) Be conscious of how you talk to your child about the art he or she makes 3) Come together to conjure up new and exciting ways to draw or objects to copy and trace over 4) Keep art activities developmentally and age appropriate and don’t throw your son in at the deep end with super hard challenges 5) Research local art classes for your son to attend and learn first-hand from qualified art teachers.

What else can my son draw?

Drawing ideas are not gender specific, however, there are themes and trends that may appeal more broadly to boys than girls depending on their interests. A good example of this may be the types of cartoon characters they enjoy watching on television, or the toys they play with at home. A military tank or radio control car will be higher up on a list of things boys like to draw than it will for girls, generally speaking. And creative drawing ideas can be inspired by real life: a self-portrait of their pet (or a puppy dog or cat they love); their favourite food; their sporting interests and hobbies. 

How do you encourage a young boy to draw?

That’s a tricky one isn’t it. How about doing the following… offer interesting things to draw on, like coloured papers and textured sketchpads; get a clipboard and take drawing outside; draw with water and a paintbrush on the concrete; draw with chalk on the trampoline; draw on a really long piece of paper, or a really small piece, or round pieces; or even draw on a balloon.

Which pens should boys use to draw with?

The everyday pens, pencils and chalks available at local art shops and supermarkets are ideal for starting out. The simple stationary works well for sketching and colouring on paper. There are plenty of types to choose from so do your research - custom pens are great for gists too!