How To Draw People & Objects

Quickdraw's drawing guides for catoon people and everyday objects is an ideal way to fill any blank sketchbook. Inspire your little ones with illustration ideas for drawing flowers, cars, planes and people in uniforms like firemen, cowboys, teachers, clowns and Christmas characters... and so much more! Browse the list of options below and get stuck in...

  • Race Car

    Vroom, vroom guys - it's time to draw a speedy race car.

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  • Tractor

    Draw a giant tractor, fit for a country farmer.

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  • Digger Truck

    Dig out your pencils and lets sketch a digger truck vehicle!

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  • Rainbow

    Cuddly clouds and all the colours of the rainbow... draw one today!

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  • Rose

    Learn to to sketch and colour a Beauty and the Beast rose flower.

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  • Love hearts

    How adorable! Draw a pair of love hearts for someone you care about.

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  • Snowman

    Brrr...eeze through this ice-cold art tutorial with our video guide.

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  • Snowoman

    Snow what fun it is to learn to draw a cute snowoman!

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  • Bunch of flowers

    Drawing flowers in a watering can is easy with this short guide.

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Drawing Objects FAQ's

What people can I draw?

Quickdraw has endless drawing ideas for children and teens when it comes to sketching and colouring in people. Our art guides will include people in jobs who wear a uniform, like nurses, teachers, and policemen. You can also learn to draw wacky ideas like scarecrows and spacemen. There are dedicated easy art ideas for drawing snowmen and snowomen too! Take a look through and try one today!

What objects can I learn to draw?

The possibilities are endless! If your kids are into drawing ideas then you'll be surprised how many objects make for a great art lesson. Your kids can learn to draw anything from transportation like cars, planes and trains, to cute and adorable items like love hearts, flowers and rainbows. There is a happy mix for both boys and girls.

Quckdraw even has you covered at Christmas time for when you want to draw magical, festive objects like snowmen and snowomen.

Are the drawing ideas for kids only?

No, certainly not. Although Quickdraw's videos and instructions are simple and straightforward so that children aged 5 and above can follow them, teens and parents can also join in too. After all, this is about making art fun and enjoyable for all-comers!

Is there an easy, step-by-step guide to follow?

We certainly like to think so! Quickdraw created one YouTube video for each drawing idea, which you can find at the top of the page. This video usually lasts about 5-10 minutes and has a voiceover telling you how to draw all the way through. Then we also lay out step by step images to explain the art process in a bit more detail.

What art materials do I need?

If you already have a pencil case that you take to school or keep at home then you are halfway there! To draw objects and everyday household items you simple need a pencil, a marker pen, some colours - maybe felt tips, and of course a sketchpad to keep all of your incredible artwork in.