How To Draw Cartoon Dogs

Learn how to draw a cute, friendly dog the easy way. Quickdraw's drawing tutorials are ideal for boys and girls aged 5+, and novice artists. We have step by step guides and YouTube videos for you to enjoy. Let's get sketching!

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What else can I draw?

We will be adding more dogs and cute cartoon puppies to draw to help you become better at sketching and colouring in. Drawing pet dogs is awesome, but why not explore more of Quickdraw's ideas - there are characters from TV, objects, food, emojis and buildings! All suitable for school kids aged 5+.

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What types of dogs can I learn to draw?

Drawing dogs with Quickdraw is endless fun. We have video tutorials for drawing canines and puppies from your favourite books and TV shows, as well as plain old cute pooches that look excited for playtime and a juicy bone. All dog illustrations are styled as cartoons as this is the simplest way to teach how to draw - the instructions are clear and easy to follow.

What art materials will I need?

There's not much to it really. To draw the basic outline of your animal you will need a pencil or a black marker. Maybe an eraser to but out the pencil lines. A set of coloured pencils or felt tip pens to shade in your art matsterpiece... and don't forget your art sketchbook! Quickdraw has built a list of places you can buy art kits and stationery from - check it out!

Are the instructions in blog format or video?

Quickdraw gives you the option to follow these drawing ideas step by step on as well as in video, which streams directly from the Quickdraw YouTube channel. We know that sometimes it's easier to read tips on drawing one line at a time, but you may prefer a video with a voiceover also. You decide!

Can I draw a dog in different poses?

Yeah for sure! Dogs are high energy animals and are never sitting still for long. With Quickdraw's tutorials you can learn how to sketch and colour in dogs getting up to all sorts; playing with a ball: sitting in a kennel: wagging its tail: and even jumping in mid ait.