How To Draw Places & Buildings

Get your kids ready for the best online art lessons around - at Quickdraw we make drawing cartoon places and buildings a fabulously fun experience that children aged 5 and above can enjoy, 24-7. Draw wonderful landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, and scenic hotspots like desert beaches and much more! Pencils and marker pens at the ready... let that imagination run wild.

  • Desert island

    A sandy beach, swaying plam trees... sketch your own desert island.

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  • Old castle

    Take a pencil and pens and sketch a very old-looking castle.

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  • Igloo

    It's cold out there! Build this penguin an igloo made of ice.

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  • Lighthouse

    Ship ahoy! Learn how to draw a cartoon lighthouse built on the rocks.

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  • Small house

    Draw a fun house with bright colours with pencil and pens.

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Drawing Buildings & Places FAQ's

What types of buildings will I learn to draw?

From historic castles where kings and queens lived, to shipwrecked beaches where only seagulls fly, to popular tourist attractions like the Taj Mahal... your children will simply love the simple and easy drawing ideas on the Quickdraw website.

What art materials will I need?

Quickdraw likes to keep it really simple and easy for kids to get involved, so the only art materials and stationery they need can be found in a pnecil case... a sharp pencil, marker pen, eraser and a set of colouring pens or pencils. Oh, and don't forget your sketchbook! That's the most imprtant item of all.

How quickly can I learn to draw?

Patience, young artist. We all have to start somewhere, and that usually means practising drawing a building, place or landmark a few times to improve your skill level. Some cartoons are easier to learn than others - a desert beach for example is quick because they is't a lot of detail. But a castle is a challenge as there are plenty of bits and bobs to copy.

Can I learn to draw famous places and buildings?

By all means, you can find many cartoon illustrations of well-known buildings and places. You may recognise them from TV or the movies. If you have an idea for a famous bulding you want to see on the Quickdraw website let us know and we will make an art tutorial for you to follow.