How to get your kids in to stendoodling  - the lost art of doodling

How to get your kids in to stendoodling - the lost art of doodling

We've stumbled upon the enchanting world of Stendoodling, and we're excited to introduce you to this playful art form. Imagine your little artists combining structured patterns with freeform expression, resulting in captivating drawings.

In this article, we'll dive into what Stendoodling is all about and why it's a fantastic artistic adventure that sets itself apart from other doodling and sketching techniques in the art realm. So, grab your pens and paper, and let's embark on this journey together!


What is Stendoodling?

Stendoodling is a unique and creative drawing technique that combines structured patterns with the added element of storytelling through characters and scenes. This delightful art form allows kids to let their imagination run wild, blending repetitive patterns with freeform expression, resulting in stunning and imaginative artwork. Like its cousins, Stendoodling also brings relaxation and joy, but it offers a distinct approach to the artistic process.

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Stendoodling vs. Zendoodling and Zentangling

Now, you might be wondering how Stendoodling sets itself apart from its close relatives, Zendoodling and Zentangling. Let's explore the differences that make Stendoodling a unique and exciting drawing technique:

  1. Integration of Characters and Scenes: While Zendoodling and Zentangling mainly focus on patterns and abstract designs, Stendoodling takes it a step further by incorporating characters and scenes into the artwork. Your child can create whimsical characters, breathtaking landscapes, or exciting narratives within the structured patterns, giving life to their doodles.

  2. Emphasis on Storytelling: Stendoodling places a significant emphasis on storytelling through art. Each Stendoodle becomes an opportunity for your child to tell a visual story, sharing their imagination and creativity with others. The combination of patterns and characters opens up a world of endless possibilities for narrative exploration.

  3. Playful Fusion of Styles: Stendoodling bridges the gap between structured patterns and freeform expression. Your child can seamlessly transition from intricate patterns to doodling their own characters and elements, allowing for a playful and flexible artistic approach.


Examples of Stendoodling

To give you a glimpse of the wonders of Stendoodling, let's explore a couple of fun ideas to try out at home or at school:

  1. Stendoodled Adventure: Imagine your child creating a magical forest scene using structured patterns for the trees and foliage. Within this enchanting landscape, they can add adorable creatures like fairies, unicorns, and talking trees, each with their own personality and story to tell.

  2. Stendoodle Storyboard: Encourage your child to create a series of Stendoodles, each representing a different part of a captivating story. They can use patterns and abstract designs to set the scene, and then bring it to life with expressive characters and exciting plot twists.


Stendoodling offers a wonderful blend of structured patterns and imaginative storytelling, making it an extraordinary artistic adventure that stands out from other art forms like pencil drawing, painting, and craftwork. Whether they're crafting enchanting scenes or weaving tales with their doodles, the joy and pride they'll experience from their Stendoodle creations will be truly heartwarming.

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