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Read kids books online for free - 13 websites to bookmark today!

Hello and a warm welcome to our cozy corner of the internet, where magical tales and fun learning await for your little ones! As parents, we all know how a good book can spark a child’s imagination and curiosity. But let's face it, making frequent trips to the library or bookstore isn't always easy. That's why we've put together this friendly guide to the best free online book websites for kids. These wonderful digital havens are packed with stories and educational materials, perfect for bedtime reading or afternoon adventures.

Whether your kiddo is a budding reader or an eager bookworm, these sites offer an amazing variety of reads, from interactive fairy tales to exciting educational journeys, all available at the click of a button. So, grab a cozy blanket and let's dive into the world of online reading where every page turn is an adventure!

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Websites for free children's books

Oxford Owl

  • Specialism or Niche: Oxford Owl is an award-winning website from Oxford University Press, designed for children aged 3–11 years old. It specializes in English and Maths resources and is renowned for its extensive range of free eBooks. The site is particularly notable for its educational content that aligns with school curriculums.
  • Reading Age: 3-11 years
  • Blurb: Oxford Owl provides a rich library of over 250 free eBooks, making it an excellent resource for young readers. The site offers a variety of engaging and colorful books that cater to early readers and extend up to more advanced levels. It's a fantastic platform for parents looking to support their children’s learning outside the classroom, with a focus on both reading skills and comprehension. Additionally, Oxford Owl provides helpful guidance for parents on children's reading and education.
  • Live URL: Visit Oxford Owl

Open Library

  • Specialism or Niche: Open Library, an initiative of the Internet Archive, offers a wide array of children's books available for free. It's known for its digital lending library, allowing users to borrow eBooks and read them online.
  • Reading Age: Various
  • Blurb: Open Library provides an expansive collection of children's literature, ranging from timeless classics to modern tales. The platform is user-friendly, making it easy for parents and children to explore and discover new favorite books. It's an ideal destination for fostering a love of reading in children of all ages.
  • Live URL: Visit Open Library

Good Reads

  • Specialism or Niche: Good Reads is a popular book recommendation site that offers a section dedicated to children's books. It's a great resource for discovering new books based on reviews and ratings.
  • Reading Age: Various
  • Blurb: Good Reads provides a platform where parents can find and review children's books, making it easier to choose the right reading material based on community feedback. The site also offers lists and recommendations to guide parents in selecting books that match their child's interests and reading level.
  • Live URL: Visit Good Reads

Project Gutenberg

  • Specialism or Niche: Project Gutenberg offers a vast collection of over 60,000 free eBooks, including a significant selection of children's literature. It's known for its classic titles available in various formats.
  • Reading Age: Various
  • Blurb: Project Gutenberg is an invaluable resource for timeless children's books. The site allows free access to a treasure trove of literature, perfect for introducing young readers to classic stories and fables. It's an excellent tool for educational purposes and leisure reading.
  • Live URL: Visit Project Gutenberg


  • Specialism or Niche: Overdrive provides access to digital books through local libraries, including a robust selection of children's books. It's perfect for exploring a range of reading materials via library partnerships.
  • Reading Age: Various
  • Blurb: Overdrive connects users with their local libraries to offer a wide range of children's eBooks and audiobooks for free. With a library card, parents and children can easily borrow and enjoy a diverse collection of stories and educational books.
  • Live URL: Visit Overdrive

Magic Blox

  • Specialism or Niche: Magic Blox is an online children's book library focusing on independent authors and illustrators. It offers a unique collection of books not commonly found elsewhere.
  • Reading Age: Various
  • Blurb: Magic Blox brings a fresh and diverse range of children's stories to the forefront, featuring works from talented independent authors and illustrators. The platform is a great way to discover unique stories and support emerging writers in children's literature.
  • Live URL: Visit Magic Blox


  • Specialism or Niche: Wilbooks focuses on early childhood literacy, offering a range of free online books primarily for young readers. It's an excellent resource for beginner reading materials.
  • Reading Age: Pre-K to 2nd Grade
  • Blurb: Wilbooks is dedicated to supporting early readers with a collection of free online books designed to engage and excite young minds. The site's materials are perfect for parents and educators looking to enhance reading skills in early childhood.
  • Live URL: Visit Wilbooks

The Library of Congress

  • Specialism or Niche: The Library of Congress offers a vast digital collection, including historical children's books. It's an educational goldmine for exploring literature and history.
  • Reading Age: Various
  • Blurb: The Library of Congress provides access to a rich historical collection of children's books, making it an ideal resource for educational purposes. It's a window into the past, offering both classic stories and educational materials for children.
  • Live URL: Visit The Library of Congress

International Children’s Digital Library

  • Specialism or Niche: This library focuses on international children's literature, offering books in various languages. It's a fantastic resource for multicultural and multilingual reading.
  • Reading Age: Various
  • Blurb: The International Children’s Digital Library is a wonderful resource for exploring children's books from around the world. It provides access to literature in a multitude of languages, celebrating cultural diversity and fostering global understanding through reading.
  • Live URL: Visit International Children’s Digital Library


  • Specialism or Niche: BookSpring specializes in providing free online books for children, with a focus on inspiring and nurturing a lifelong love of reading.
  • Reading Age: Various
  • Blurb: BookSpring offers an engaging collection of free online books for children, designed to inspire a love of reading from a young age. The platform is committed to making reading accessible and enjoyable for all children.
  • Live URL: Visit BookSpring

Free Kids Books

  • Specialism or Niche: Free Kids Books offers a variety of children's eBooks and textbooks, focusing on open education and accessibility for all.
  • Reading Age: Various
  • Blurb: Free Kids Books is a treasure trove of children's eBooks and educational textbooks, available for free. The site is an excellent resource for parents and educators seeking a wide range of reading materials for children of all ages.
  • Live URL: Visit Free Kids Books


  • Specialism or Niche: Storyberries provides a collection of free online fairy tales, poems, and short stories for children, with a focus on moral and ethical lessons.
  • Reading Age: Various
  • Blurb: Storyberries is a delightful platform offering a wide range of fairy tales, poems, and short stories for children. It's an excellent site for parents looking to teach their children valuable life lessons through engaging and beautifully written stories.
  • Live URL: Visit Storyberries

Magic Keys

  • Specialism or Niche: Magic Keys offers children's books for various age groups, including picture books, young adult novels, and educational non-fiction.
  • Reading Age: Various
  • Blurb: Magic Keys provides a diverse selection of children's books, including picture books, young adult novels, and educational material. The platform is a great resource for a wide range of reading levels and interests, making it ideal for families with children of different ages.
  • Live URL: Visit Magic Keys


Further tips and advice for parents

What are free online book websites for kids, and how do they work?

Free online book websites for kids are digital platforms offering a variety of children's books available for reading directly on the internet. Unlike physical libraries, these websites provide instant access to a range of books without the need for a physical visit. They often include interactive elements and are accessible from any device with internet connectivity, making reading more accessible and engaging for kids.

How do free online book websites differ from traditional libraries?

While traditional libraries require a physical visit and often a membership card, free online book websites provide immediate access to books without leaving home. They offer digital versions of books, which can be read on computers, tablets, or smartphones, providing a convenient option for busy families or those without easy access to a physical library.

Can online book websites replace the experience of reading a physical book?

Online book websites offer a different experience compared to physical books. They often include interactive features like animations or read-along audio, which can enhance the reading experience, especially for young learners. However, they don't replicate the tactile experience of a physical book, which some readers may prefer. Both formats have unique benefits and can complement each other in a child's reading journey.

What are the benefits of using free online book websites for children's education?

Free online book websites provide a diverse range of reading materials, making it easy to find books suited to every child's reading level and interests. They are particularly useful for providing access to a wide array of books, including those that might not be available locally. Additionally, many of these websites offer educational resources, helping to enhance learning and comprehension skills.

Are there any drawbacks to using online book websites for kids?

One potential drawback is screen time exposure, as reading online involves using a digital device. It's important to balance this with offline reading and other activities. Additionally, the experience of browsing and choosing books in a physical library or bookstore is different from selecting books online, which might be a consideration for some families.

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