Inside Mr Doodle's house: 12 incredible photos you won't believe are real

Inside Mr Doodle's house: 12 incredible photos you won't believe are real

Step into a world where imagination knows no boundaries and creativity transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. Discover the enchanting universe of Mr. Doodle's house, where every room becomes a canvas for whimsical doodles that spark joy and wonder. Join us on a visual journey as we explore the captivating tapestry of artistry that adorns every corner of this unique abode.


Mr. Doodle's Enchanting Bathroom 

Mr Doodle's bathroom

Immerse yourself in the creative haven of Mr. Doodle's bathroom. A freestanding bath is crowned by an artistic shower house, while doodles adorn the floor, walls, and ceiling, revealing intricate designs on every square wall tile. The doodled wash basin boasts a transparent sink, and a circular mirror reflects the playful charm of this artistic oasis.

Mr Doodle's bath tub


The Heart of Mr. Doodle's Home - The Living Room 

Mr Doodle's sofa

Step into Mr. Doodle's living room, where artistic exuberance meets cozy comfort. A working fireplace, complete with shutter doors, forms the heart of the room, and a mantle-place above it showcases larger-than-life doodles. The walls come alive with playful artwork, and even the sofa and picture rail contribute to the captivating doodle tapestry.

Mr Doodle's fireplace


Artistry in Every Corner of Mr. Doodle's Kitchen 

Mr Doodle's kitchen

Step into Mr. Doodle's kitchen, a masterpiece of creativity where doodles grace every surface – walls, floor, and ceiling. The working oven, large fridge, kitchen drawers, and even the dishwasher are transformed into canvases of art, infusing the culinary space with vibrant energy.



A Whimsical Passage - The Doodled Hallway 

Mr Doodle's hallway

Traverse the hallway, a slender corridor that guides you through Mr. Doodle's world. A bay window, perfect for contemplation, contrasts with the doodle-adorned surroundings. Glass pane doors beckon at the end, maintaining a touch of simplicity amidst the captivating doodle décor.



The Tranquil Reading Room 

Mr Doodle's reading room

Find solace in Mr. Doodle's reading room, where a reclining chair and side table offer respite. Doodles take on a unique form here, with clouds gracing the walls – half white and half adorned with playful squiggles. In this serene space, creativity knows no bounds.


Slumber in Style - The Doodled Bedroom 

Mr Doodle's bedroom

Surrender to the enchantment of Mr. Doodle's bedroom, where crazy characters and whimsical squiggle shapes adorn every corner. A super king bed, bedside tables, radiators, blinds, and even the duvet are immersed in doodle charm, creating a dreamlike escape.


The Artful Dining Experience 

Mr Doodle's dining room

Gather in the dining room, where every meal is a celebration of creativity. The kitchen table and chairs are graced with food-style doodles, and even oversized newspapers burst with artistic flair. Savour your tea amidst this doodle-infused atmosphere.


Ascending the Stairway of Creativity 

Mr Doodle's stairwell

Ascend the stairs, each step a canvas for Mr. Doodle's fanciful designs. Animals emerge amidst intricate lines and squiggles, inviting you on a whimsical journey to the first floor.

Mr Doodle's stairs


A Doodle Wonderland Beyond the Walls 

Mr Doodle's house

Venture outside, where the doodle magic extends to the exterior. Doodles adorn the walls, balconies, and arch windows, while even garden ornaments find themselves immersed in artistic charm in the driveway.


As you bid farewell to the enchanting doodled realm of Mr. Doodle's house, let your creativity continue to flourish. Explore more captivating insights and creative wonders on the benefits of doodling for kids and adults by delving into our array of engaging blog posts about stendoodling, zendoodling and zentangling.

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