Best children's books about friendship

Best children's books about friendship

Are you looking for some heartwarming stories to teach your children about the value of friendship?

We have compiled a list of the most iconic and memorable books about making friends that will captivate your child's imagination and leave a lasting impression.

From paperback classics to beautifully illustrated tales, these books are sure to become treasured favourites.


Pigs Make Me Sneeze! An Elephant and Piggie Book

Author: Mo Willems
Interest level: 6-8
Reading age: 5+

In this charming picture book, Elephant and Piggie embark on a hilarious journey exploring the ups and downs of friendship. When Piggie starts sneezing uncontrollably, Elephant worries that he might be allergic to his dear friend. With witty dialogue and expressive illustrations, this book is perfect for kids aged 5 and up, teaching them about friendship and understanding differences.


Bear and Bird: The Picnic and Other Stories

Author: Jarvis
Interest level: 6-8
Reading age: 5+

Follow the heartwarming adventures of Bear and Bird as they navigate the joys and challenges of friendship. From sharing a delightful picnic to helping each other through tough times, these endearing stories emphasize the value of kindness and cooperation. With captivating illustrations and relatable characters, this book is ideal for ages 6 to 8.


The Storm Swimmer

Author: Clare Weze
Interest level: 9-11
Reading age: 9+

Dive into a thrilling middle-grade novel that centers on the power of friendship amidst adversity. When a group of friends encounters an extraordinary storm, they must rely on their bond and individual strengths to face danger and solve a mystery. This action-packed tale, suited for ages 9 to 11, weaves friendship, courage, and resilience into an unforgettable adventure.


Where the River Takes Us

Author: Lesley Parr
Interest level: 9-11
Reading age: 8+

Embark on a touching journey of friendship and self-discovery as two young protagonists set out on an unforgettable adventure down a mysterious river. Amidst the enchanting landscapes and unforeseen challenges, they learn valuable lessons about trust, bravery, and the importance of sticking together. Recommended for ages 8 and up, this book sparks imagination and exploration.


The Lizzie and Belle Mysteries: Drama and Danger

Author: J T Williams Illustrator: Simone Douglas
Interest level: 9-11
Reading age: 8+

Join Lizzie and Belle, two young sleuths, on a thrilling mystery-filled journey. When drama and danger unfold, they must use their smarts and teamwork to unravel a puzzling case. This engaging middle-grade book, suited for ages 8 and up, combines friendship, suspense, and problem-solving, making it a delightful read for young detectives.


Let’s Stick Together

Author: Smriti Halls Illustrator: Steve Small
Interest level: 4-5

This heartwarming story celebrates the value of friendship and sticking together through thick and thin. With charming characters and a meaningful message, kids aged 4 to 5 will learn about the beauty of true companionship. The delightful illustrations and simple narrative make it an engaging read-aloud for young children.


Bumble & Snug and the Excited Unicorn

Author: Mark Bradley
Interest level: 6-8
Reading age: 5+

Join Bumble and Snug in a whimsical adventure as they encounter an excited unicorn. This playful picture book, suitable for kids aged 5 and up, highlights the essence of friendship, imagination, and embracing the joy of shared experiences.


Our Tower

Author: Joseph Coelho Illustrator: Richard Johnson
Interest level: 4-5

In this enchanting picture book, two friends build a magical tower together, discovering the limitless possibilities of their imagination. The story celebrates the joy of creative play and friendship, making it an ideal read for kids aged 4 to 5.


Finding My Voice

Author: Aoife Dooley
Interest level: 9-11
Reading age: 9+

This poignant middle-grade novel follows a young protagonist's journey of self-discovery and the profound impact of friendship. As they navigate the challenges of growing up and finding their voice, they learn that true friends stand by each other, empowering them to embrace their uniqueness. Recommended for ages 9 and up.


Lost and Found

Author: Oliver Jeffers
Interest level: 3-5

This touching picture book tells the tale of a boy who discovers a penguin at his door and sets out on a heartwarming adventure to return the penguin to its home. The story beautifully captures themes of friendship, empathy, and the joy of helping others. Ideal for ages 3 to 5.



Author: Roald Dahl Illustrator: Quentin Blake
Interest level: 7+
Reading age: 8+

Follow the extraordinary journey of Matilda, a brilliant and kind-hearted girl with special powers. In this timeless classic, Roald Dahl weaves an enchanting story of friendship, love, and the magic of books. With Quentin Blake's delightful illustrations, this book is recommended for kids aged 8 and up, capturing the essence of imagination and courage. 

Read more about the magical world of Roald Dahl in our roundup of his 23 best books for children.



Author: David Almond
Interest level: 10+
Reading age: 11+

Dive into the mysterious and magical tale of friendship between a young boy named Michael and a strange creature called Skellig. As Michael nurtures and protects Skellig, they form an unbreakable bond that leads to unexpected discoveries. This captivating book, suited for ages 10 and up, explores themes of compassion and the wonder of friendship.


Noughts and Crosses

Author: Malorie Blackman
Interest level: 12+
Reading age: 12+

Set in a divided society, this powerful novel follows the intertwined lives of Callum and Sephy, who come from opposing worlds. As they face prejudice, love, and sacrifice, their friendship becomes a symbol of hope and unity. Recommended for ages 12 and up, this thought-provoking book explores complex themes of friendship and social justice.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Author: Jeff Kinney
Interest level: 8+
Reading age: 8+

Laugh along with Greg Heffley's humorous and relatable accounts of middle school life. This beloved series chronicles Greg's misadventures, friendship struggles, and hilarious escapades. Jeff Kinney's engaging storytelling and doodle-style illustrations make it a hit for kids aged 8 and up.



Author: A A Milne Illustrator: E H Shepard
Interest level: 4+
Reading age: 7+

Join the timeless adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh and his friends in the Hundred Acre Wood. This endearing collection of stories celebrates the true essence of friendship, joy, and kindness. Ideal for ages 4 and up, the book's gentle charm continues to enchant readers of all ages. 

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Charlotte's Web

Author: E B White Illustrator: Garth Williams
Interest level: 6+
Reading age: 7+

Delight in the heartwarming tale of friendship between Wilbur, a charming pig, and Charlotte, a wise spider. As Charlotte weaves webs with inspiring messages, she proves that true friendship knows no bounds. With timeless themes of loyalty and kindness, this classic is recommended for ages 6 and up.


The Fellowship of The Ring

Author: JRR Tolkein
Interest level: 11+
Reading age: 12+

Enter the mesmerizing world of Middle-earth and join Frodo Baggins and his loyal friends in an epic quest to destroy the One Ring. As they face dangers and form unbreakable bonds, the power of friendship becomes their greatest strength. Recommended for ages 11 and up, this classic tale explores themes of bravery and camaraderie.


Colin and Lee: Carrot and Pea

Author: Morag Hood
Interest level: 3-5

In this charming picture book, two seemingly opposite vegetables, Colin the carrot and Lee the pea, discover the beauty of their differences and the joy of friendship. With a delightful story and minimal text, this book is perfect for kids aged 3 to 5, celebrating the uniqueness of individuals and the bonds that unite them.

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