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Top 10 UK painting holidays to include on your bucket list

Painting holidays in the UK offer a unique blend of creative exploration and vacation. These holidays provide artists of all skill levels a chance to immerse yourself in picturesque landscapes and charming settings while honing your brush techniques. 

You can expect expert guidance from experienced instructors who help you capture the beauty of your surroundings on canvas. These holidays often include outdoor painting sessions, studio time, art workshops, and opportunities to connect with fellow artists.

Whether it's the serene countryside, coastal scenes, or historic towns, painting holidays in the UK provide a perfect escape to nurture creativity and enjoy the artistic process in a relaxed and inspiring environment. 


10 highly recommended painting holiday destinations

1. Newlyn School of Art

Cornwall painting holiday

Immerse yourself in the picturesque landscapes of Cornwall while enhancing your painting skills at Newlyn School of Art. Engage in expert-led workshops that cater to artists of all levels. Capture the essence of Cornwall's beauty on canvas and experience personal growth through artistic expression.


    2. Skye Makers Retreats

    Isle of Skye painting holiday

    Embark on an artistic journey amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Isle of Skye. Skye Makers Retreats offer a serene environment for artists to nurture their creativity, learn from experienced instructors, and create meaningful artworks inspired by the natural beauty of the island.

      3. Art Safari

      • Location: Various (Norfolk, Scotland, etc.)
      • Activity Type: Wildlife and Nature Art Workshops
      • Cost: Varies
      • Website:

      Norfolk painting holiday

      Immerse yourself in the natural world while honing your artistic skills with Art Safari. Join passionate artists and naturalists to explore diverse regions of the UK. Capture the intricate details of wildlife and landscapes in your artwork while gaining a deeper appreciation for nature's beauty.

        4. Arts in Residence

        Scotland Highlands painting holiday

        Embark on a creative journey through residential art courses offered by Arts in Residence. Discover picturesque UK locations while immersing yourself in various artistic mediums. Learn from experienced instructors, connect with fellow artists, and refine your skills in a supportive and inspiring setting.

          5. Higham Hall College

          • Location: Lake District
          • Activity Type: Creative Courses
          • Cost: Varies
          • Website:

            Lake District painting holiday

            Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Lake District while exploring your artistic potential with Higham Hall College. Engage in diverse creative courses that encourage personal expression and growth. Connect with like-minded individuals, receive expert guidance, and create art that reflects the charm of the region.


            6. Wild at Art

            Rural Scotland painting holiday

            Combine your love for art and nature with Wild at Art's captivating art retreats in Scotland. Explore the stunning landscapes and capture their essence through your artwork. Guided by experienced artists, you'll refine your skills, experiment with different techniques, and create art that embodies the spirit of Scotland's wild beauty.

              7. Lara Sargent Workshops

              • Location: Various (Cornwall, Dorset, etc.)
              • Activity Type: Painting and Sketching Holidays
              • Cost: Contact for details
              • Website: 

              Dorsett painting holiday

              Elevate your painting and sketching skills while exploring captivating UK locations with Lara Sargent Workshops. Led by a passionate artist, these workshops provide an inspiring blend of creative expression and outdoor exploration. Capture the charm of diverse landscapes while receiving expert guidance to enhance your artistic journey.

                8. Adventure Ashram Art Safari

                The Cotsworlds painting holiday

                Combine art with philanthropy during the Adventure Ashram Art Safari in the Cotswolds. Channel your creativity while supporting charitable causes. Engage in guided art sessions, connect with fellow participants, and experience the joy of creating art while contributing to positive change.

                   9. Fieldbreaks Art Holidays

                  • Location: Various (Cotswolds, Derbyshire, etc.)
                  • Activity Type: Art Workshops and Holidays
                  • Cost: Varies
                  • Website: 

                  Derbyshire painting holiday

                  Embark on immersive art workshops and holidays with Fieldbreaks. Explore scenic locations, refine your artistic techniques, and receive expert guidance. Whether you're a beginner or experienced artist, these workshops offer an inclusive environment for creative exploration and skill development.

                    10. Cornwall Art Studio

                    • Location: St. Ives, Cornwall 
                    • Activity Type: Landscape and Seaside Painting
                    • Cost: Starting from £350 (3-day course)
                    • Website:

                    St Ive's painting holiday

                    Unleash your artistic talents in the picturesque surroundings of St. Ives. Experience the serene landscapes and coastal views as you create your masterpiece with expert guidance.  


                    Who can book up a painting holiday?

                    The typical demographic for painting holidays in the UK is diverse and often includes:

                    • Art Enthusiasts: People who have a genuine interest in art and painting, whether they are beginners looking to learn new skills or experienced artists seeking to refine their techniques.
                    • Solo Travelers: Individuals who are looking for a creative getaway and enjoy exploring new places while indulging in their artistic passion.
                    • Couples: Partners who share an interest in art and want to experience a vacation that combines their love for painting with quality time together.
                    • Retirees: Those who have more time to dedicate to hobbies and leisure activities, making painting holidays a perfect opportunity to explore their artistic side.
                    • Nature Lovers: Individuals who appreciate the scenic beauty of the UK's landscapes and want to capture it on canvas.
                    • Adventure Seekers: People who are open to trying new experiences and are eager to combine art with exploration.
                    • Art Students: Aspiring artists or students pursuing art-related studies who see these holidays as a way to enhance their skills and gain practical experience.
                    • Local Residents: People living in the UK who are interested in taking a break from their routine and exploring their own country from an artistic perspective.

                    Overall, painting holidays attract a wide range of individuals who share a common interest in art and a desire to combine it with a unique vacation experience.


                    What can I learn from this holiday experience? 

                     you may choose to book a painting holiday for various reasons, including:

                    • Creative Exploration: Painting holidays offer a chance to explore one's artistic potential, experiment with different techniques, and create unique artworks inspired by beautiful surroundings.
                    • Inspiring Locations: The scenic landscapes, charming villages, and cultural landmarks of the UK provide a rich source of inspiration for artists to capture on canvas.
                    • Artistic Growth: Participants receive expert guidance and instruction from experienced artists, helping them improve their skills and develop new techniques.
                    • Relaxation: Painting in tranquil and serene environments allows individuals to unwind, de-stress, and engage in a therapeutic creative process.
                    • Unplugging from Routine: Painting holidays offer a break from everyday life, allowing participants to disconnect from screens and immerse themselves in an analog, hands-on activity.
                    • Connection with Nature: Outdoor painting sessions enable artists to connect with nature on a deeper level, enhancing their observation skills and sensitivity to their surroundings.
                    • Camaraderie: Painting holidays provide opportunities to connect with fellow artists, share experiences, and build friendships in a supportive and creative community.
                    • Personal Achievement: Completing an artwork during the holiday brings a sense of accomplishment and a tangible reminder of the experience.
                    • Exploration: Participants can explore new locations, try local cuisine, and experience the culture of different regions of the UK.
                    • Memorable Experience: Painting holidays create lasting memories, allowing individuals to relive their artistic journey through the artworks they've created.

                    Whether it's to nurture their creativity, escape from routine, or simply enjoy the process of painting, you can find painting holidays in the UK to be a fulfilling and enriching experience.


                    What questions should I ask before choosing my holiday?

                    Whether you are booking your trip online or face to face with a travel agent, it's not always easy to have all the answers to make the right choices. Here are a few topics to think about that may influence your activity and destination. 

                    • Skill Level Requirements: Check whether the painting holiday is suitable for your skill level, whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced artist. Some holidays may cater specifically to certain skill levels.
                    • Instructors and Artists: Research the qualifications and expertise of the instructors and artists leading the painting holiday. Experienced and skilled professionals can provide valuable guidance and enhance your learning experience.
                    • Workshop Itinerary: Review the workshop itinerary to understand the structure of the holiday. Look for a balance between guided painting sessions, relaxation time, and opportunities to explore the local surroundings.
                    • Art Materials: Clarify whether art materials are provided or if you need to bring your own. Knowing what's included can help you prepare and pack accordingly.
                    • Accommodation and Meals: Understand the accommodation arrangements, including room types and amenities. Additionally, inquire about meal arrangements, such as whether meals are provided or if you'll need to arrange your own.
                    • Group Size: Consider the size of the group participating in the painting holiday. Smaller groups may offer more personalised attention from instructors, while larger groups can provide a dynamic and social atmosphere.
                    • Location and Surroundings: Research the location of the painting holiday and the surroundings. Choose a destination that inspires you and offers beautiful landscapes or cultural experiences that align with your artistic preferences.
                    • Reviews and Testimonials: Look for reviews and testimonials from past participants. Their feedback can provide insights into the quality of the program, the instructors, and the overall experience.
                    • Additional Costs: Inquire about any additional costs beyond the workshop fees, such as transportation, art supplies, optional excursions, or personal expenses.
                    • Cancellation Policies: Familiarise yourself with the cancellation policies and terms and conditions of the painting holiday. It's important to know the options available if your plans change.
                    • Travel Arrangements: Plan your travel arrangements, including how you'll get to the painting holiday location and whether transportation is provided to and from specific points.
                    • Health and Safety: If relevant, check if the painting holiday adheres to health and safety guidelines and COVID-19 precautions. Your well-being during the holiday is paramount.

                    If you are looking for a holiday break that involves other artistic disciplines you may want to bookmark our recommended list of UK craft holidays too. Or venture further afield for a painting holiday in France to new settings alone or with friends. Have fun out there!

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