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10 UK craft holidays you can't miss out on this year

Craft holidays in the UK offer a unique fusion of artistic exploration and vacation relaxation. These holidays provide crafters of all levels an opportunity to dive into their chosen crafts amid picturesque landscapes and charming settings, all while honing your skills. Expect expert guidance from seasoned instructors who help you translate your creative vision into tangible creations. These craft getaways typically encompass outdoor crafting sessions, studio time, hands-on workshops, and a chance to connect with fellow craft enthusiasts.

Whether it's the tranquil countryside, coastal vistas, or historic towns, offsite craft activity camps in the UK are a haven for nurturing your creative spirit and savouring the artistic process in a serene yet inspiring environment.


10 Must-Visit Craft Holiday Destinations in the UK

  1. Crafty Corners in Cornwall

    Crafty Corners in Cornwall is a haven for craft enthusiasts. Whether you're into pottery, textiles, woodworking, or other crafts, this destination offers expert-led workshops suitable for all levels. Immerse yourself in the artistic atmosphere and create unique, handcrafted treasures inspired by Cornwall's natural beauty.

  2. Crafted on the Isle of Skye

    • Location: Isle of Skye
    • Craft Focus: Various Crafts
    • Cost: Contact for details
    • Website:

    Embark on an artisanal journey amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Isle of Skye. Crafted on the Isle of Skye provides a serene setting for crafters to nurture their skills, learn from experienced artisans, and craft meaningful pieces inspired by the island's natural splendour.

  3. The Crafters' Retreat

    Dive into the world of crafting while exploring diverse regions of the UK with The Crafters' Retreat. This getaway offers a mix of crafts, from knitting to paper-craft, in the company of passionate crafters. Create unique items inspired by your surroundings and kindred spirits.

  4. Crafting Escapes with Nature

    Immerse yourself in nature-inspired crafts with Crafting Escapes with Nature. Explore the UK's scenic landscapes and create crafts inspired by the environment. Connect with like-minded crafters and gain a deeper appreciation for the beauty of the natural world.

  5. The Artisan's Hideaway

    Set amidst the serene beauty of the Lake District, The Artisan's Hideaway offers crafters a diverse range of artisanal craft courses. Whether it's pottery, leatherwork, or candle making, you'll find an opportunity to express your creativity and connect with fellow artisans.

  6. Crafting with Wilderness in Scotland

    Combine your love for crafting and nature with Crafting with Wilderness in Scotland. Explore the rugged landscapes and capture their essence in your crafts. Guided by experienced artisans, you'll refine your skills, experiment with different techniques, and create art that embodies the spirit of Scotland's wild beauty.

  7. Handmade Creations in the Cotswolds

    Unleash your crafting talents in the picturesque Cotswolds. Experience the serene landscapes and create beautiful handmade crafts with expert guidance. Whether it's woodworking, ceramics, or jewellery making, you'll find your creative niche in the Cotswolds.

  8. Crafting for a Cause in Wales

    Combine your crafting skills with philanthropy during Crafting for a Cause in Wales. Channel your creativity while supporting charitable causes. Engage in guided craft sessions, connect with fellow participants, and experience the joy of crafting while contributing to positive change.

  9. Craft and Culture Retreats

    Embark on immersive craft retreats that explore the cultural heritage of the UK with Craft and Culture Retreats. Discover scenic locations, refine your crafting techniques, and receive expert guidance while delving into crafts inspired by rich traditions.

  10. The Crafting Coast of Brighton

    Immerse yourself in the coastal charm of Brighton while crafting by the sea. The Crafting Coast of Brighton offers various coastal-inspired crafts, from seashell jewellery to driftwood art. Let the coastal breeze inspire your creations as you craft along the shores of Brighton.


Who Are Craft Holidays Made For?

The demographic for craft holidays in the UK is incredibly diverse and welcomes individuals with various interests and backgrounds. You don't necessarily have to have taken art classes before, so don't be put off by skill level entry.

  • Craft Enthusiasts: Whether you're a seasoned crafter or just starting, these holidays cater to your creative spirit.
  • Solo Travellers: Ideal for those seeking a solo adventure combined with a passion for crafting.
  • Couples: Craft holidays offer a unique bonding experience for couples who share an interest in artistry.
  • Retirees: A fantastic opportunity for retirees to explore their creative sides and enjoy leisurely crafting.
  • Nature Lovers: Craft holidays provide an avenue for nature enthusiasts to blend their passions for the outdoors and crafting.
  • Adventure Seekers: Perfect for those open to new experiences and eager to combine craft with exploration.
  • Art Students: Valuable for aspiring artists or art students seeking to enhance their skills and gain practical experience before seeking a career in the art industry.
  • Local Residents: Even residents of the UK can enjoy a craft holiday as a refreshing break from routine, discovering their own country's artistic treasures.


What to Expect from a Craft Holiday

Booking a craft holiday offers a multitude of benefits:

  • Creative Exploration: Craft holidays provide a chance to explore your artistic potential, experiment with techniques, and create unique crafts inspired by your surroundings.
  • Inspiring Locations: The UK's scenic landscapes, charming villages, and cultural landmarks provide a rich source of inspiration for your crafts.
  • Artistic Growth: You'll receive expert guidance and instruction from experienced artisans, helping you improve your skills and develop new crafting techniques.
  • Relaxation: Crafting in tranquil and serene environments allows you to unwind, de-stress, and engage in a therapeutic creative process.
  • Unplugging from Routine: Craft holidays offer a break from everyday life, allowing you to disconnect from screens and immerse yourself in hands-on crafting.
  • Connection with Nature: Crafting amid nature enhances your observation skills and sensitivity to your surroundings.
  • Camaraderie: Craft holidays provide opportunities to connect with fellow crafters, share experiences, and build friendships in a supportive and creative community.
  • Personal Achievement: Completing crafts during the holiday brings a sense of accomplishment and tangible mementos of your experience.
  • Exploration: You can explore new locations, try local cuisine, and immerse yourself in the culture of different regions of the UK.
  • Memorable Experience: Craft holidays create lasting memories, allowing you to relive your creative journey through the crafts you've created.


Choosing the Right Craft Holiday

When selecting your craft getaway, there are several important factors to consider:

  • Craft Focus: Ensure the holiday aligns with your craft interests and skill level.
  • Instructors: Research the qualifications and expertise of the instructors or artisans leading the craft holiday.
  • Workshop Itinerary: Review the workshop schedule for a balanced mix of crafting, relaxation, and local exploration.
  • Craft Materials: Confirm whether craft materials are provided or if you need to bring your own.
  • Accommodation and Meals: Understand the accommodation options and meal arrangements.
  • Group Size: Consider the size of the group participating in the holiday.
  • Location and Surroundings: Choose a destination that inspires you and complements your craft interests.
  • Reviews and Testimonials: Read reviews and testimonials from past participants.
  • Additional Costs: Be aware of any extra expenses beyond the workshop fees.
  • Cancellation Policies: Familiarise yourself with the holiday's cancellation policies.
  • Travel Arrangements: Plan your travel logistics to the craft holiday location.
  • Health and Safety: If applicable, ensure the holiday adheres to health and safety guidelines and COVID-19 precautions.


Craft trips and tours in the UK offer an enriching experience for craft enthusiasts and creative souls alike. Whether you're seeking to learn new crafting skills, unleash your artistic potential, or simply savour the joy of crafting in stunning locations, these holidays provide the ideal blend of relaxation and artistic exploration. 

If you are looking for a holiday break that involves other artistic disciplines you may want to bookmark our recommended list of UK painting holidays too. Have fun out there!

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