How To Draw a Superhero

Drawing a superhero is simple with Quickdraw's step by step instructions - you can do it! Learn how to sketch and colour in your favourite action heroes from the comic-book worlds of Marvel, DC and beyond. The drawing ideas below are suitable for children aged 5 and above.

  • Lego Batman

    Draw and colour in Gotham City's crime-fighting hero, Lego Batman.

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  • The Bat Symbol

    Can you carefully craft out Batman's logo with pencil and pen?

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  • The Punisher Skull

    Learn to draw this simple anti-hero Marvel logo.

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  • Wonder Woman Logo

    Wonder Woman is recognised by a W symbol... learn how to draw it!

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  • Superman Logo

    The most famous S in all of comic book land - it's Superman shield.

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What else can I draw?

If you have completed one or more of the superhero drawing ideas above then well done, but keep going..! Quickdraw's selection of action heros, superhero logos and characters will keep growing so don't forget to check back in to see what's new. You may also want to explore drawingdifferent topics, such as animals, places, food, and buildings.

Helpful tips and advice

Which famous superheros can I draw?

Superman is perhaps the most celebrated superheo of all time. He's a strong cartoon character that you can learn ot draw with Quickdraw's easy tutorials. We even have a step by step guide for how to draw the Superman S, also known as the Shield.

How do I learn to draw Marvel characters?

Drawing Marvel characters takes some practice and patience, because of how much detail goes into each drawing. But don't worry, Quickdraw can help you master this by giving simple instructions - there are video tutorials to follow too! learn how to sketch and colour in the fabulous crime-fighting, world-saving heoes' costumes, their accessories and even their logos.

What superhero girls can I draw?

There are plenty of female superheo characters to learn to draw, the most famous of all being Wonder Woman, also known as Diana Prince. You can even learn to draw Wonder Woman's W logo! Many more drawing ideas will follow on Quickdraw's website too, with tutoruals for superhero girls from Marvel and DC comic books the next time you visit.

Will I learn to draw superheros step by step?

Yes, this is the easiest way to conquer this challenge! Step one is alsways marking out your superhero drawing with pencil lines. Step two is taking a marker pen to trace over the pencil lines of your superheo illustration. And step three is adding colours to your superheo artwork. It's as simple as that!