How To Draw a Cute Puppy Dog

This is by far one of Quickdraw's most popular, easy drawing ideas. Everybody loves puppies, right? Find out how to draw your own puppy dog with a wide-eyed smile and a wagging tongue. Quickdraw has prepared a full video tutorial for you to follow and a step-by-step guide below - choose one or follow both! And don't forget to check out Quickdraw on YouTube for more cute drawing ideas.

Art materials needed:

  • How to draw a puppy dog step 1

    Let's start in the middle of the page with a large circle. This will be our puppy dog’s head.

  • How to draw a puppy dog step 2

    Two curved lines for the puppy’s neck, one left and one right. Not too narrow. And then a short curved line just under its head - this is going to be the collar.

    At the end of each curved line draw an egg shape - any ideas what these are for..? That’s right, the puppy’s paws.

  • How to draw a puppy dog step 3

    Back to the head and we need to mark out a nose in the centre. It’s easier to find when you have some guidelines so we’ll draw a line down and another across like this.

    Two small dimple lines either side, and then join those up with a bendy W. Now the puppy has a nose and some cute cheeks. Maybe even a freckle or two!

  • How to draw a puppy dog step 4

    A semi circle below for its mouth. Then a small egg shape for the tongue poking out.

    Two more eggs now for our puppy dog’s eyes. Awesome job so far.

    If you want to add a pattern on its face, draw a curved line around the eyes to the edge of the head like this.

    Some finishing touches… eyebrows and the circles in the eyes.

  • How to draw a puppy dog step 5

    Now for the ears. Draw long, loopy shapes like leaves on the side of the head.

    How about a funky fringe? A few spikes for a ruffled hairstyle.

  • How to draw a puppy dog step 6

    Lastly, some marking for its paws and then a straight line for the paws to rest on. This could be the top of a garden fence or kitchen table perhaps.

  • How to draw a puppy dog step 7

    Time for the black marker. This part is so much fun.

    Trace over the main pencil outlines, all except the parts we drew for guidelines like inside the head and ears.

    Once you’re done you may want to let the ink dry for a minute of two before you pick up the eraser to rub out those pencil lines in case they smudge.

    Grab your eraser, and gently rub out the pencil. Take your time.

  • How to draw a puppy dog step 8

    Oh boy, that’s one cute puppy dog. Excellent job boys and girls. Now for our favourite part… colouring in!

    Choose whichever colour or shade you like. Dogs can be brown, black, white, red, or a combination of all of them.

    Want to hear some fun facts about puppy dogs? Ok, do you know what the most popular names for puppy dogs are in the world? You’ll be surprised…

    Number 1 is Luna, number 2 is Milo, three is Lola, Teddy is fourth, the fifth most popular name is Max, Coco is six, Buddy at seven, the eighth most popular name is Bailey, ninth most popular is Charlie and tenth on the list is Ruby.

    What a cool list.

    How’s that colouring coming along so far? Keep in the lines if you can.

    Don’t forget our puppy’s collar too.

    And the small parts like the tongue and freckles.

    Time for a funny joke now, here we go.

    What do dogs do when they need to take a bathroom break during a movie? They press the paws button.

    Haha, oh man, that was an easy one.

    Almost done now. How is our puppy dog looking?

    The beauty of having some pattern on the face is that we can leave part of it white, it looks really great next to the brown or black you’re using.

    That’s a wrap - what a masterpiece. Well done guys.

    If you have enjoyed creating this dog drawing then you'll be pleased to know that there are much more drawing exercises like this on the Quickdraw website. You can try your hand at sketching a sausage dog, or even a cartoon dog like Bluey from TV!

Helpful drawing tips and advice

How long does it take to draw a puppy?

The video tutorial for drawing a cute puppy at the top of this page lasts 16 minutes, and that includes full instructions on which art materials to use as well as how to draw it. If this is your first attempt at drawing then it may take you a little longer, but as your confidence grows you will learn to draw a puppy quicker, and easier. There is no reason to rush your artwork - spend as long as you need to!

Can I draw my puppy from a different angle?

In this example, our cute puppy dog is facing front with it's big paws on display, however, that's only one of many poses a puppy will strike. You can also try sketching the full body facing forward, or even from the side. If you want to see an idea like this on the Quickdraw website, email in and we will create that tutorial for you.

What other types of puppies can I draw?

Have you thought about sketching one of your favourite puppies from a book or TV? There are endless characters to explore copying with pencil and paper, from classics such as 101 Dalmatians, to modern favourites like Paw Patrol. And you'll soon realise that each of these puppies are drawn in different styles and colours - this may help you discover your preferred art style.