How To Draw a Cute Sausage Dog

Drawing a sausage dog (or dachshund) is easy to follow with Quickdraw's step-by-step video and written guides. Sausage dog drawings are unique because of their long body shape. Not many other dog breeds have short legs and such a long middle. Watch the tutorial video or follow the written instructions below. Don't forget to subscribe to Quickdraw on YouTube for more awesome art ideas!

Art materials needed:

A plain sketchpad to draw on, a sharp pencil to draw with, an eraser to rub out messy lines, a black marker pen to go over pencil lines, and a bunch of colouring pencils or felt tip pens to add a splash of colour!

  • In the upper left hand side of your piece of paper sketch a small circle. This is going to be the sausage dog’s head. You can mark out a cross to help you with placing the mouth and eyes like this if you want. 

  • Then from the right side of the circle draw a long slope, with the other end lining up roughly with the bottom of the circle. 

    Now at this end, draw a smaller circle. It may not look like it but this is going to be the top of our sausage dog’s back leg. 

  • Now join the whole shape together. Try to keep one end wider than the other - see how the spacing looks a little different at either end? 

    Still not quite a sausage dog yet is it? But don’t worry we’ll get there! 

  • Mark a curved line out left from the head, then back in again - this will be the nose. 

    And just above, one eye close to the left side of the head. Then on the centre line, the other eye. 

  • How about a nice floppy ear? This can loop down from our dog’s head onto the body like this. 

    Hmmm… a small dimple. A flapping tongue to lap up those dog treats. 

    A thin dog collar. 

    And the tip of its nose. 

    Now for the legs. Front two first. Think of them as little stubby boots. One in front of the body, and then then other behind - this always looks shorter than the one in front. 

    Same for the back legs… even shorter than the front pair. 

    Finish up with a curly tail, which means our sausage dog is happy and having a great time. 

  • Ok, now it’s getting interesting. Grab your black marker pen and bring this work of art to life. 

    We need to go over all outside lines but ignore those guidelines we drew earlier. 

    Nice and smoothly does it, great job. 

    Now pick up your eraser and rub away those pencil lines. 

    Take a moment to let the black ink dry in case it smudges across the page. 

    Oooo, a sizzling sausage dog. Looking good. 

  • Take a coloured pen or pencil and customise your beautiful drawing. 

    Start anywhere you like, head, neck or that looooong body. 

    Maybe even add a few spots for fun! 

    We’re using a dark brown as our main colour, and as you can see this is similar to the black outline. So if you want the outline to still show up it's better to use a lighter shade, like brown, orange or even grey. There are actually around 15 colours for these furry little creatures. 

    And here’s a cool fact about sausage dogs to share with your friends and family… 

    A sausage dog is also known as a Dachshund or badger dog. They are popular as pets because they are clever, playful, stubborn, devoted, lively, independent, and courageous. And they have an extremely loud bak for a small animal too. 

    If you have enjoyed creating this sausage dog drawing then you'll be pleased to know that there are much more drawing exercises like this on the Quickdraw website. You can try your hand at sketching a cute puppy, or even a cartoon dog like Bluey from TV!