How To Draw Kung Fu Panda

Sketch and colour in your very own Kung Fu Panda Po cartoon. Follow these easy drawing tips to practise your skills and complete your artwork in less than 10 minutes!

  • Suitable for medium skill level artists
  • Complete in three simple steps
  • 9 minute-long video tutorial
  • Made with beige, black and brown colours

Watch the video tutorial

This video drawing tutorial of Po from Kung Fu Panda is around 9 minutes long. A friendly voiceover tells you which coloured pens and pencils you will need. You can pause the video at any time to take a break and catch up. Click the play button below to get started.

Step by step guide

The drawing guide below shows you how to sketch and colour in a cartoon Po drawing easily, one bit at a time. Scroll down and start drawing!

  • 1. Draw the head

    Po will be in a fighting stance, with his head to the top of the page - for this, draw a flat looking football or satsuma shape. 

    Some guidelines inside to find the centre point. 

  • 2. Draw the face

    One eye will be wide open - that’s an easy circle shape. 

    Po’s nose is going to be more of a banana or half moon. 

    His other eye is squinting so that will be a squashed circle. 

    And for the mouth, just a curved line ending with a dimple. 

    This is an expression that says: “I’m ready to do kung fu!” 

    This cartoon panda needs a pair of cute, tiny ears up top. 

  • 3. Draw the left arm in a karate pose

    Now, pay attention guys - this is where it gets a little tricker. 

    We’re going to draw Po’s body starting with two guidelines going down that will meet at his waist. Then to the left, we can start to sketch out his arm, which is lifted above his head in a karate stance. The arm bends in towards his head, with a fist at the end. 

  • 4. Draw a karate-kicking leg

    Po’s other arm will be tucked away, behind his kicking leg, which is going to reach all the way up in line with his head. 

    We will draw a circle for the bottom of his paw, then draw his leg line all the way down to the bottom or his waist. 

  • 5. Finish off the rest of this panda's body

    Then a thick stump for the upper part of his second leg. 

    Oh wait we forgot Po’s paw - let’s sketch that in here. 

    Now back to finishing his standing leg, which is going to look much shorter because it’s further back than the kicking leg. 

    Finally some decoration on this cartoon Panda’s kung fu outfit. 

    And a touch up on his round belly. 

  • 6. Using a back marker pen

    We are ready for part two. 

    This is where we draw a black line over the pencil lines to give our drawing a strong cartoon style. 

    To do this take out a marker pen, pencil or coloured pen and go over each line nicely, smoothly. 

    So guys, how about a few Kung Fu Panda fun facts whilst we go… 

    Panda bears eat almost nothing but bamboo shoots and leaves. Occasionally they eat other vegetation, fish, or small mammals, but bamboo accounts for 99 percent of their diets. 

    Imagine that… eating the same meal every day! 

    You can always skip this part and move ahead to colouring in… don’t worry, we’ll catch you up! 

    So now we have almost finished our awesome cartoon panda drawing. 

    Po is looking great, don’t you think?! 

    If you enjoyed this drawing lesson then maybe you’ll like to try drawing other panda bears, or even a koala, polar bear or a famous bear character like Pddington or Winnie the Pooh. 

  • 7. Colouring in

    To colour him in, you’ll need a black pen - this is for his arms, shoulders and the small parts of his legs that are poking out of his kung fu trousers. 

    His head and flabby belly will be left white. 

    Some brown and beige for his trousers. 

    Alright, great job. 

    Thanks for watching guys. 

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    See you next time!