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Wiggly Wilf

Wiggly Wilf

Children's picture book ages 3-5

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What’s included? 

It is a short, uplifting story about a worm who decides to leave his earthly home to seek out adventure in the all the glorious places above the dirt and grass, like the desert, frozen ice and snow, and the hot, sticky jungle.

He makes friends with some splendid animals such as a white polar bear, sandy-coloured camel, and a musclebound gorilla who teach him about the distant lands they are from, before he travels back to share his grand experiences with his fellow earthworm chums.

This rhyming picture book is image heavy and its visually attractive style is well-suited to young kids and infants who may be inspired by creative pen and pencil artwork. The paperback book is short to read, making it an ideal companion for bedtime or a go-to for when your children are in need of a quick, storytime fix.

Who is it suitable for?

This is a cute take about a worm who goes on an adventure and intended for children aged 3-5, although older kids may enjoy the words and pictures also. If your little ones are keen on learning about the insects and crawlies who live in your garden or at the allotment, then Wiggly Wilf is a great place to begin. In addition, preschoolers who have a thirst for adventure and excitement can also find enjoyment from this story.

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