How To Draw a Rose

Drawing flowers step by step is a walk in the park with Quickdraw's easy-to-follow cartoon illustration guide. Take a moment to watch the full art tutorial video or read the instructions below, and you can learn how to draw a rose in no time! Fetch your art materials and let's have some fun!

Art materials needed:

A plain sketchpad to draw on, a sharp pencil to draw with, an eraser to rub out messy lines, a black marker pen to go over pencil lines, and a bunch of colouring pencils or felt tip pens to add a splash of colour!

  • How to draw a cartoon rose part 1

    No time like the present, so grab your pencil, eraser, black marker pen and some colours - ideally red and green. 

    Ok, where to start… right in the middle. Draw a diamond shape with four points and a semi circle underneath joining one end to the other. 

  • How to draw a cartoon rose part 2

    Then in the middle of the diamond, create a swirl that gets smaller. 

    Yes that’s right, this is the rose bud. And outside of this we can start to draw its petals. The trick here is to build up layers on the outside. 

    One small, leaf-shaped petal to the left, and then another to the right. It’s totally fine if they are not the same size. 

    Ok, more petals but now around the back. Build up that rose bud from all angles.

  • Maybe a few more petals at the front of this beautiful flower. Try for three or four layers around the centre.

  • Now we can attach the stem, this is the long stick from which the rose petals grow. It’s usually thin and brown. 

    One or two small leaves growing from the stem. 

    And lastly, it wouldn’t be a rose without sharp thorns. Draw a few tiny spikes between those small leaves. 

    Incredible work guys, what a great rose.

  • How to draw a cartoon rose part 5

    Next, grab your black marker and trace over those outlines nice and smooth. Take your time. 

    The black ink is going to compliment the red petals and green leaves very well. Just wait and see. 

    When going over the stem and the thorns, try to keep them all on the same line if you can. 

  • How to draw a cartoon rose part 6

    Now for the final part of our masterpiece… colouring in. You know what to do here, take a red pen or pencil for the rose’s petals and a brown for its stem. A green for the leaves if you have one. 

    Learning how to draw a rose and colouring it in is so enjoyable don’t you agree. 

    Hey, here’s a bunch of super cool facts about roses for you to share with your friends and family… 

    You know the saying: Stop and smell the roses? Well, roses weren't chosen for this phrase by chance; their lovely aroma is a popular floral scent, and is even used in many women's perfumes. 

    And other than the classic red rose like we are drawing that appears in movies and Valentine's Day cards, there are over 10 beautiful colours of roses, all with specific meanings. Wow, how interesting is that?! 

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