How To Draw Cute Emoji Faces

Drawing cute emoji faces can be easy-peasy and tremendous fun when you learn all the secret illustration tips. This step by step guide from Quickdraw includes a YouTube video and set of drawing instructions to guide you. Don't forget to follow Quickdraw on YouTube for more emoji drawing and colouring in ideas, and send in your artwork to Quickdraw for a chance to win a brand new art kit!

Art materials needed:

A plain sketchpad to draw on, a sharp pencil to draw with, an eraser to rub out messy lines, a black marker pen to go over pencil lines, and a bunch of colouring pencils or felt tip pens to add a splash of colour!

  • How to draw cute emoji faces part 1

    What’s up art fans! Today we are going to be drawing cute emoji faces. 

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    Grab a pencil and let’s begin. We need to mark out a circle, and you can do this freehand, or draw around a circular shape like a cup, coaster, or bottle, like this. 

    Now, why draw one cute emoji face when you can draw six?! 

    Today we’ll experiment with a range of emoji emotions: faces that are happy, in love, sad, cheeky, confused and cool. You know them all well. 

  • How to draw cute emoji faces part 2

    For the happy emoji face, it’s dead easy. A beady pair of eyes, a semi circle smile, and two faint, arching eyebrows. 

    Once coloured in yellow, it will look just like a potato waffle simile… mmm, yum.

  • How to draw cute emoji faces part 3

    Next, to the emoji face in love: this smile is going to be even larger. And instead of beady eyes, we can replace them with hearts. 

  • How to draw cute emoji faces part 4

    Now for the sad emoji face. Arched eyes, an oval mouth (which is a droopy circle by the way), and two streams of tears flooding from the eyes. 

    There, there sad emoji. No need to cry. 

  • How to draw cute emoji faces part 5

    On to the cute, cheeky emoji face. It’s all in the eyes, folks. 

    One is a small dot, whilst the other, which is winking at us, is two lines like this. 

    We also have a wide mouth, and of course our arched eyebrows.

  • How to draw cute emoji faces part 6

    Cute emoji face number five now. Oh dear, it’s so confused. Wonder why.

    Spirals for eyes. Eyebrows, and an oval mouth. We are done.

  • How to draw cute emoji faces part 7

    Lastly, our cool emoji face. Why is it cool? Because it’s wearing a pair of sunglasses. 

    And a huge, beaming smile. Nice. 

  • How to draw cute emoji faces part 8

    Time for our black marker pen? Sure, why not. 

    Now not all emoji symbols have a black line around them but some, like our cute faces, do. So we’ll take our black pen and trace over the pencil lines smoothly. 

    After that, trace over the facial features like the eyes, eyebrows, and mouths. 

    Here’s a thought… How come emoji faces don’t have noses? Hmmm.

  • How to draw cute emoji faces part 9

    Black for the sunglasses. 

    Blue for the tears on our sad face. 

    A pink for the love heart eyes. 

    Maybe red for those open mouths. That’s one, two, three, four of them. 

    Then shazam, everything else turns to yellow.

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