How To Draw the Poop Emoji

Pencils and pens to paper... let's learn how to draw the poop emoji step by step. This easy drawing tutorial from Quickdraw will teach you how. It's suitablefor kids aged 5 and above and beginners. Watch the YouTube video or follow the instructions below to get started. Don't forget to follow Quickdraw on YouTube for more cartoon emoji illustration ideas.

Art materials needed:

A plain sketchpad to draw on, a sharp pencil to draw with, an eraser to rub out messy lines, a black marker pen to go over pencil lines, and a bunch of colouring pencils or felt tip pens to add a splash of colour!

  • How to draw the poop emoji part 1

    Hey art fans, in this stinking episode of Quickdraw you will learn how to draw the infamous poop emoji. 

    Hold your nose and grab your art kit - a pencil, black marker, eraser and some colours. Brown and grey if you have them. 

    Starting with a triangle, we’ll draw a line in the centre of our page from top to bottom. This is the middle of our triangle. 

    Now we need a bassline, and at either end we’ll draw a diagonal line back to the top point. 

    “A triangular poop, how can that be?” you ask. 

    Wait for it… 

  • How to draw the poop emoji part 2

    Our trick here is to round off both bottom corners. Goodbye sharp angles. 

    Then from the bottom edge, draw a line that reaches the right side of the triangle. 

    So our left edge connects to the other side and we now have two parts instead of one. 

    Let’s turn this curved line into a thick shape right across the centre - rounded edge on the right side. 

    Now we have three parts to our drawing. But we need one more… 

    Another thick tube with rounded edges on top of our two shapes below. It looks a bit like a sleeping snake right now, doesn’t it? 

    That leaves us with the top of the poop emoji to draw. 

    And for that, a round edge on the left but finishing with a fancy curved line up top - similar to a candle flame or fresh 99 ice cream. 

  • How to draw the poop emoji part 3

    Now that you have your four poop parts it’s time to draw a mouth. 

    Our smiling mouth sits in the centre of the poop and towards the bottom half. 

    Let’s add two wide eyes - mark out a pair of egg shapes just above the mouth. 

    Finishing touches with pupils in each eye and your poop emoji is now staring right back at you!  

  • How to draw the poop emoji part 4

    Time to ink that stink! Fetch your black marker and trace over the outside lines of all four poop parts. 

    Plus, the smile and both eyes. 

    We want to make sure that each of those four parts we have split the poop emoji into have a black outline too. 

    Oh boy, have you ever said the word poop so much? Haha. 

    We’re almost finished now… stick with us if you want to add some colour. If not, thanks for joining and see you next time. 

    Now, where’s that eraser? Time to rub out our pencil lines. 

  • How to draw the poop emoji part 5

    Ok, so for this little stink bomb we’re going to use two types of brown to give the effect of shade and light. 

    The darker brown will be for the bottom half of our four parts, and we’ll use a lighter brown for the top halves. 

    Sounds tricky? Don’t worry, watch and learn with us. 

    Ok guys, it’s that time again - want to hear a funny joke about poop? Here goes…

    What do you call a fairy who’s always on the toilet? Stinkerbell! Wow, maybe don’t let your teacher hear that one! Haha. 

    So our bottom halves are ready, time for a light shade of brown now. 

    It’s really hard to see the difference between these two shades, but once the light hits the page it shows up right away. You’ll see!  

    And for the poop emoji mouth we’ll add a thin line of grey on the inside. 

    This gives the illusion of depth, which basically means that we’re making the mouth look like it has some kind of shadow inside it rather than being totally flat. 

    Same for those wide eyes, a slim layer of grey. Use any light colour for this part. 

    And just like that, one smelly, stinking, toilet-loving poop emoji finished. Incredible job boys and girls. 

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