How To Draw Superman's Logo

Learn how to sketch and colour in Superman's logo, also known as the Superman Shield, in three simple steps. Drawing the iconic symbol of the most famous comic book superhero is easy to do - just follow the video tutorial and guide below!

What you will need...

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Black marker pen
  • Coloured pencils or felt tips
  • How to draw Superman's logo part 1

    Drawing the Superman logo may look easy, but hang on, there are a few things you need to know. 

    Like first off, the S in the logo sits in an upside down triangle. 

  • How to draw Superman's logo part 2

    And the top corners of this triangle shape have their points cut off. 

    Think of a large cut diamond piece of jewellery in the movies. 

    Getting this shape right is tricky because the shape needs to be symmetrical. 

    Take out an eraser and rub out any messy lines that are in the way! 

  • How to draw Superman's logo part 3

    Starting in the top right corner, we’ll draw out the top of the S symbol. 

    This curves all the way over to the left of the shield, and then snakes back over to the halfway point on the right hand side of our triangle. 

  • How to draw Superman's logo part 4

    Try to bend this line accurately because we need plenty of space underneath. 

    Then a curved window in the top left of the triangle for the outside of the S. 

    See this line curve over to the right side, and we’re left with what looks like a curled up fish from above. 

    From below, we can join up the thick letter S from both sides - that’s more like it.

    An important point to make is that the Superman logo has a border inside it, so if you have space, make sure there is a little gap all the way around. 

  • How to draw Superman's logo part 5

    You may want to redraw some of these pencil lines, so this. If not, no worries! 

    Some final detail now on our superhero logo illustration and that’s a wrap! 

    Awesome job!

  • How to draw Superman's logo part 6

    Part two is inking our S symbol with black marker pen. 

    Start with the outside border first, that;s the easy bit. 

    Then inside of this, you can trace over the lines that form Superman’s famous S and then the border around it. 

    Nice and smooth, that’s going well. 

    Hey, what about a superhero joke as we work? 

    Q: When does Superman sleep?

    A: At Krypto-night.

    Wo, that’s a cheesy one - see if you can make your friends laugh at that! 

    If you’re a superhero fan you’ll know that Superman belongs to Justice League with Batman and Wonder Woman. You can draw their logos, and many more superheroes with Quickdraw - check them out after this tutorial.

  • How to draw Superman's logo part 7

    Time to colour in our illustration. 

    Take a yellow and a red felt tip pen or coloured pencil and bring this famous DC comic book logo to life! 

    Red for the S, and yellow for the gaps in between. 

    Looking smart. 

    Thanks for watching guys, see you next time!