How To Draw the Unicorn Emoji

Drawing the unicorn emoji is easy and fun when you know all the secret illustration tips. In this step by step guide from Quickdraw you can learn from the YouTube video and set of drawing instructions. Don't forget to follow Quickdraw on YouTube for more emoji drawing and colouring in ideas, and send in your artwork to Quickdraw for a chance to win a brand new art kit!

Art materials needed:

A plain sketchpad to draw on, a sharp pencil to draw with, an eraser to rub out messy lines, a black marker pen to go over pencil lines, and a bunch of colouring pencils or felt tip pens to add a splash of colour!

  • How to draw the unicorn emoji part 1

    Hey unicorn fans, thanks for stopping by. In today’s video we will be drawing a unicorn emoji. 

    It’s quick and simple, just make sure you have a pencil, black marker, eraser and some bright colours to hand. 

    Unicorn heads, as with horses, are odd shapes. So to get some structure going we’ll mark out a circle like this. 

    Then over to the bottom left hand side begin to mark out the unicorn’s nose. This is called a muzzle by the way. 

  • How to draw the unicorn emoji part 2

    Add a tiny emoji nostril… a real one would be much larger of course. 

    Then on to the magical unicorn horn, which we’ll draw on the left side of the head too. 

    A cone-shaped horn with a blunt point at the tip. 

  • How to draw the unicorn emoji part 3

    Oh, don’t forget those stripes… we can colour those in later. 

    Now it gets interesting… we’ll mark out our magical unicorn’s neckline. And this should be roughly inline with it’s horn, if you were to draw a straight line through the middle. 

  • How to draw the unicorn emoji part 4

    What’s next? An ear. 

    We’ll draw this from inside the unicorn’s head but let it poke over the top edge like this.

    Then the second ear, but because it’s behind our unicorn’s head we’re only going to see the top half. 

    And now for a cool fringe, which sits between those pointy ears. You can give the fringe one or two curls like this. And when you erase the old pencil lines it looks much better. 

  • How to draw the unicorn emoji part 5

    For the rest of our unicorn’s hair, which is actually called the mane, we can start from the bottom of the ear. 

    Our magical unicorn emoji should have nice, fancy curls and free-flowing locks all of the way down its back.

    A good old-fashioned circle for the eye. 

    And maybe some line work on the jawline, making this part look a little more smooth and less like a circle. 

  • How to draw the unicorn emoji part 6

    Pat yourself on the back guys. Now that the hard part is over let’s grab our black marker and trace over the outside pencil lines. 

    A pro art tip is to leave a tiny white circle in the corner of the eye and colour the rest in black. 

    Gently does it… looking good so far. 

    Whilst we draw, how about hearing 5 amazing facts you can impress your friends and family with? Here goes… 

    The word unicorn means “one-horn”

    Unicorns are typically described white, but actually, they can be of any colour!

    You may not realise this but unicorns do not have wings. 

    If you see a unicorn that has wings, it's called a Pegasi.

    Unicorns represent innocence, purity, freedom, and power.

    Ok, let’s erase our old pencil lines 

  • How to draw the unicorn emoji part 7

    Time for colour! Where are our pens? Here we go. 

    In the emoji the mane of the unicorn is purple, and that’s how we’ll start our colouring in. 

    Pink is also a great choice - remember, this is not only your unicorn but a magical unicorn… so you decide what shades to use. 

    The same purple now for the fringe. 

    And on some parts of the horn and the insides of the ears too. 

    What other colours can we use for the horn? How about light blue, green and yellow? 

    Wow, awesome drawing guys. Thanks for stopping by - and see you next time! 

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