How To Draw a Polar Bear

Learn how to sketch, ink and colour in your very own cartoon polar bear step by step. This fun drawing exercise is ideal for people of all ages and skill levels.

How to draw a cartoon polar bear

Art materials you will need...

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Black marker pen
  • Blue, brown coloured pencils or felt tips

Watch the video tutorial

This video of how to draw an ice cold polar bear with a warm scarf is about 5 minutes long. Quickdraw tells you what pens and pencils you will need, and you can pause at any time to catch up. Click the play button below to get started with your polar bear illustration.

Step by step guide

Sketching and colouring in a cartoon polar bear drawing is easy when you take your time and go at your own pace. Scroll down to see how it's done, step by step.

  • How to draw a cartoon polar bear part 1

    1. The whole body

    Welcome back to Quickdraw’s art lessons guys. 

    Today you will learn how to draw a cartoon polar bear. 

    We need a pencil, eraser, black marker and a few colours. 

    Let’s dive right in… by drawing our polar bear’s head and body shape all in one. 

    Sketch out a large oval, similar to an Easter Egg.

  • How to draw a cartoon polar bear part 2

    2. A head and all four legs

    At the bottom of our Easter Egg shape we can add two dumpy stumps for our polar bear’s legs. 

    Then further up, another two stumps to make the arms. 

    Don’t worry, this shape will soon transform into a cool polar bear drawing. 

    To do this, we can smooth over the shape ever so slightly by adding some new pencil lines and rubbing out the original ones like this. 

    Now we can see a head that sits on top of a round body more clearly.

  • How to draw a cartoon polar bear part 3

    3. A friendly face and warm scarf

    Hey, our illustration does resemble a scary ghost with its arms up, right? Wait till we add a polar bear face to change that. 

    An upside down triangle nose with a short smile. 

    Then two circles for eyes. 

    And a pair of short ears poking out from the corner of our bear’s head. 

    And we’re almost finished. 

    To complete our polar bear cartoon sketch we can add in the cute paw marks on the arms, a large scarf for warmth in that snowy weather. 

    And a circle on the body to show where the belly is. 

    Great job! 

  • How to draw a cartoon polar bear part 4

    4. Grab a marker pen

    Part two now, this is easy to follow. 

    Grab a black marker and trace over the pencil lines nice and smoothly. 

    We are starting with the head and working our way down to the bear paws. 

    Hey, did you know that polar bears live on the ice and snow, and can be found in only five places on Earth? Greenland, Norway, Canada, United States and Russia. That means they are a vulnerable species so we have to look after these guys. 

    How’s that penwork looking so far? Awesome job! 

  • How to draw a cartoon polar bear part 5

    5. Colour in your bear

    Finally a touch of colour. 

    How about blue for a cosy scarf and a shade of beige for the belly area. 

    Excellent drawing guys, thanks for stopping by and see you next time!