How To Draw Cartoon Spidey

Make your very own Spidey drawing, just like the cartoon! Follow these tips to get started and complete your amazing artwork.

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Art materials you will need...

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Black marker pen
  • Red, blue and black coloured pencils or felt tips

Watch the video tutorial

This video of how to draw Spidey is about 10 minutes long. A friendly voice tells you what pens and pencils you will need, and you can pause at any time to catch up. Click the play button below to get started.

Step by step guide

The drawing guide below shows you how to sketch and colour in a Spidey drawing easily, one bit at a time. Scrool down and start drawing!

  • 1. draw Spidey's head

    Starting with Spidey’s head, this needs to be at the top of your piece of paper or sketchpad so we can fit in his body down below. 

  • 2. draw Spidey's eyes and pattern on his mask

    Inside, two large eye holes for Spidey to see out from. 

    A beady little nose in the centre. 

    Then plenty of spiderweb lines scattered from the nose outwards. 

    You’ve seen this pattern a hundred times before in the marvel movies and on TV - and maybe even on the spider webs that form on your windows at home. 

    Spidey’s pattern doesn’t need to be perfect. 

  • 3. draw his upper body and bent arms

    A narrow neck, connected to two shoulder points. 

    These two diagonal lines going outwards are Spidey’s arms which will be placed on his hips. So having this bend is really important, otherwise the arms would be flat by his side. 

    Unlike the Spiderman character, Spidey’s body is actually narrower than his head. See here how the waistline is small and leaves room between his balled up fists and shoulders. 

    Try and keep that space as open as you can. 

  • 4. draw his legs, boots and spider logo

    Now we can move onto drawing Spidey’s legs, which slope out diagonally too. This is because, in this superhero pose, he has wide open legs. 

    The bottom of his boots will be inline with his elbows. 

    Draw a guideline to help you if you need it. 

    The rule for drawing this Marvel superhero’s legs is: keep the groin area small and narrow, and the thighs also (the thighs are the parts of the leg above the knee). 

    Below the kneecap, the legs get wider and where the feet are inside his boots, they face down rather than out. 

    That’s a mighty fine pose you have there Peter Parker, sorry, err, Spidey! 

    Then we have a tiny bit more detail to add onto the superhero costume. 

    What about the most important part of all? The spider logo. 

    Spidey’s logo is very easy to do and is black like the Bat Symbol

    It’s made up of a small head, body, and some long legs on either side. 

    There, that;s our incredible artwork of Spidey completed - great job on drawing this iconic superhero.  

  • 5. trace over the pencil lines with marker pen

    Now where’s our black pen. 

    It’s time to ink over those pencil lines. 

    Be patient guys, this may take a while, but it’s totally worth it. 

    Having the pencil lines marked in pen works really well because the drawing takes on a cartoonish effect. 

    But if you want to keep only your pencil lines and move swiftly ahead to colouring in your illustration, go right ahead guys! 

    Otherwise, nice and smooth does it until you have completed all of the pencil lines and added some more spiderweb lines on Spidey’s body. 

    Now on this sketch if Spidey we will have some of the bodysuit costume blank for just colour, but other parts, like on the forearms, chest and lower legs covered in the spider web pattern, just like as we have done on Peter Parker’s head. 

    This is a delicate part of the drawing but if you hold your pen steady and space out the spider web lines it will come easily to you. 

    Hey, ready for some fun jokes to share with your friends? 

    What is Spider-Man’s favourite month? Web-ruary! 

    Oh crumbs, what a dad joke. 

    Guys did you know that Spider-Man has had a lot of nicknames over the years, such as being referred to as "Spidey," "web-slinger," "wall-crawler," or "web-head." Some villains also call him " arachnid " and call himself "Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man."

    Good to know, huh! 

    So how’s that artwork looking? Yeah, so great. 

  • 6. colour in with red and blue

    Now onto the colouring in. 

    Guys, we know that Spidey is red and blue - take out those shades of colour if you have them. 

    Pencils, pastels, felt tips, or chalks are all excellent materials to colour with. 

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