How To Draw Christmas Stuff

Ho, ho, ho... let's try some Christmas drawing exercises and have lots of fun! These easy, quick tutorials teach you how to sketch and colour in familiar festive favourites like snowman, reindeer and Christmas Teddy bears. Choose a drawing idea from the grid below to begin!

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Drawing Objects FAQ's

What Christmas things can I draw?

This collection of drawing tutorials covers the basics: you will learn to draw objects and scenes using pencils, marker pen and colouring equipment. There are a snowman and snowoman, reindeer, Christmas Teddy, gingerbread man and a frosty igloo. Each drawing exercise has a step by step guide and YouTube video.

Who are these drawing tutoruals for?

Learning to draw is an ageless practise. Anyone who wants to develop their sketching skills can give these drawing exercises a try. The style is simple and cartoon-like so it may suit beginners or a younger generation who are at school.

How long are the tutorials?

Each accompanying YouTube video is no longer than 10 minutes. It has a narrator explaining what lines to draw and how to colour in each step of the way so you are not going along by yourself!

What other drawing ideas can I try?

If you are enjoying these Christmas themed art projects then feel free to take on similar drawing tutorials on the Quickdraw website to broaden your skills - there are ideas for boys, girls, and categories like animals and cartoon characters to choose from.

What art materials do I need?

If you already have a pencil case that you take to school or keep at home then you are halfway there! To draw objects and everyday household items you simple need a pencil, a marker pen, some colours - maybe felt tips, and of course a sketchpad to keep all of your incredible artwork in.